With the coming of the summer solstice, the unfettered romp of Gemini is drawn earthward by the tidal pull of Cancer, the Crab. Cancer’s ruling planet is the moon, linked in astrology to nature, gestation, motherhood, and the creation and preservation of life. Perhaps more than any other sign. Cancer represents the passive, receptive, but profoundly powerful and encompassing female force in nature-the all nourishing, or all devouring, mother. The Crab symbolizes the sea, the cradle of life.

As is typical I the ongoing dichotomy of the zodiac, Cancer’s characteristics are mostly opposite from those of the preceding sign. When Geminis are expansive, adventurous, and forward looking, Cancerians build boundaries make homes, and gather and gather tings in for incubation, protection, nurturance, and mothering. Cancerians are family centered, tradition bound, tied to the past, fearful of the future and the unknown. Security is one of their major goals. While Geminis laugh at life, Cancerians tend toward melancholy and introversion. They are as restless and moody as the shifting tides. They find the real world threatening, astrologers say and like to retreat into dreams and fantasies and to shelter themselves in the relative safety of the past.

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