Blue Sapphire-2 Neelam

Libra: YogaKaraka Saturn is also more benefic in the stars of Mercury, Moon and Saturn. In lagana when placed with Mercury and Venus it creates yoga. Neelam is very advantageous and one may always use it, irrespective of periods. Addition of Diamond or Emerald may firther potentiate benefic influences.

Scorpio and Sagittarius: In Scorpio lagna Saturn may form “Sasa Yoga” when positioned in 4th house, here one may use Neelam in the major periods of Saturn after thorough check up of chart otherwise Neelam is not suggested at all.

Capricorn: Ascendant lord Saturn also rules the 2nd house. In the star of Saturn, Mercury and Ketu it becomes yogi. It is protective charm for these natives and potentiate root of life an the whole. However, diamond should be used along with emerald.

Aquarius: Lagnesh also ruling 12th. In the star of Mercury or ketu it also becomes Yogi. One may use Neelam as a protective talisman to strengthen health, personality, prosperity and success. Mooltrikona in lagana, thus, one may use Neelam deliberately.

Pisces: Lord of 11th and 12 houses Saturn is most malefic. There is no indication of Neelam.

More about Neelam

After the trial period of 10 days one may use Blue Sapphire. Metal may be Gold(best), steel or Ashtadhatu and the best star is Pushya. Minimum weight is 4-5 Ratti and finger is 2nd. Time should be 09:00-13:00 hours and day should be Saturday falling on Anuradha,Pushya and U. Bhadra stars. Mantra to be recited is “Om Parang pareeng parong sau shanaye namah” and it should be recited 24000 times ideally. Puja should be performed with blue flowers and chandan. One should also light “oil deep” at pooja time. Fasting on the same day and recitation of Saturn “strota” is also good. Donate mustard oil, black til, iron vessels, black clothes and pulses to the servants. Inimical gemstones, Ruby, Coral and Pukhraj and they should not be worn along with Neelam.

Dedicated to the Lord of idealism “Saturn”

Reference: Gem Therapy in Vedic Astrology: Dr. Neeraj Lalwani

Blue Sapphire-Neelam

Neelam or Blue Sapphire, is the most dreaded gem, and any lover of astrology may be seen with a question mark when asked to wear Neelam. It is due to the unstable nature of Neelam which brings only extremities . It provides very beneficial results if suitable but may destroy the whole life if proven unsuitable. it is not uncommon to observe the malefic effects brought on by Neelam even though it appears suitable in the nativity. This is why it is always taken on a trial basis first, and if it does not cause any harm during the trial period it may be set in a ring.

During the trial period it may manifest its harm by a continuous and acute headache, minor accidents, pain in the abdomen, bad news and delays in almost all ventures. I also remember an old astrologer who told me that if Neelam is kept under the pillow for at least three nights continuously the quality of dreams are sufficient to tell about the suitability of the Gem. Minimum trial over the body should be ten days. Neelam is ruled by Saturn, the planet of hardship and struggle, and thus it is obvious, that it will be suitable to a very few natives, but once proved suitable it is one of the greatest blessings.

A Few Universal Indications of Neelam

Aquarius and Capricorn ascendant
Being a benefic Saturn is retrograde and suited in Aries, Taurus, Leo, Virgo, Sagittarius and Capricorn signs.
Being a benefic Saturn in Aries.

General Characteristics.

It can cause sudden upturn in business and change the life pattern for good.
Protects wearers from unexpected happenings and natural calamity.
It may give rapid and immense financial gain and rajayoga.
Best for depressive psychosis, frustration and alcoholism.
Khooni Neelam (Red and Blue neelam) is very useful when Saturn is aspected or conjuncted by Mars or Rahu in natal charts. It is a “shrapit” (curse) condition and Khooni Neelam provides financial and marital prosperity.
NB. It should be worn on Saturdays 2 hours 40 minutes before sunset or during eclipse after offering prayers.
Highly useful when tuberculosis is chronic.
NB. Other substitute therapy is Red Coral for chronic TB.
In infertility problems, use it along with green tourmaline.

Neelam for Ailments

Alcoholism – along with Amethyst and White Sapphire
Hypertension – with Garnet and Ruby
Body pain – with Garnet
Breast Cancer – with Red Coral in Copper and Emerald
Conjunctivitis/Vertigo – Alone
Gallstones – with Emerald in Gold and Neelam in punchdhatu
Heart ailments/headache – with turquoise
Paralysis – with Emerald

Neelam for Various Ascendants

Aries. Lord of the 10th and 11th houses Saturn is a neutral planet with a slight benefic component. Its beneficence is also increased in its own star. When Saturn is posited in 2, 4, 5, 7, 9, 10 and 11and it is in the major period of Saturn itself that one may use Neelam. Saturn in the 10th house creates “Sasa Yoga” and here the use is most suggestible. However, as such in other periods other gems are useful.

Taurus: YogaKaraka Saturn also becomes more beneficial when in the stars of Saturn and Rahu. Neelam is a most useful gem for these natives irrespective of periods.

Gemini: Lord of trikona also rules 8th. It never becomes yogi in any star. As such a trikona lord is always suspicious and more over its mooltrikona sign is placed in 9th itself but here Saturn is an exception though it is not malefic but it is indifferent. In the weakly placed one may use Neelam , otherwise other gems are useful.

Cancer & Leo: Lord of inauspicious houses of Saturn is never benefic. There is no indication of Neelam for these natives.

Virgo: Lord of 5th and 6th houses is benefic but the condition is almost the same as Gemini ascendant. Here other gems are preferred. However, in the major period of Saturn, when Saturn placed in its own sign one may use Neelam.

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Reference: Gem Therapy in Vedic Astrology:Dr.Neeraji Lalwani

Ruby/Manka – Gemstone

Ruby or manak is a precious gemstone ruled by rajasik planet Sun.
It mainly emits red, infrared and cosmic rays. Wearer of Ruby is bestowed with good health, high position, prestige and favours form government officials and rulers. A unique phenomenon has been observed with Ruby sometimes when it loses all its colour or fades – which indicates that the wearer has to face certain un foreseen difficulties and he should be ready to face them boldly.

A similar phenomenon, is observed with sapphire indicates that the wearer has been saved from such problems due to sapphire which has sustained all the malefic influence. Persons having Sun as benefic or yogakarak should wear Ruby.

A Few Universal Indications of Wearing Ruby are:
Leo ascendant
Being a benefic Sun if placed in Libra
Being a benefic Sun if placed in 6/8/12 houses.
Highly afflicted benefic Sun by close aspects of Rahu/.Saturn
Use Ruby in Different Ailments
With garnet and blue sapphire – Hypertension
Alone – eyesight ailments
Ruby alone in copper – initial leprosy
Ruby alone in gold- osteosclerosis and otitis media.

General Characters of Ruby
Precious Ruby offers high honour and position
Recommended for those in position of authority, those aspiring to become high dignitaries.
Highly recommended for rulers, politicians dealing with affairs of the nation.
It is a hot gem and ladies should avoid it especially in summer.
It enhances super ego and dominating characters.

Ruby for Different Ascendants

Aries. Lord of the 5th Sun is a very benefic planet: further it becomes yogakaraka when placed in the stars of the sun, moon or Jupiter. Any aspect/ conjunction of Jupiter creates a good yoga. Sun with Mercury and Venus in 11th house or Sun in ascendant plus Moon in 4th also provide great yogas. In all such cases one may yet get a pronounced effect of the Sun if Ruby is worn especially in the major period of the Sun.

Taurus. Sun being lord of Kendra but enemy of ascendant lord becomes yogi in star of Mercury and Sun,. Placements of Sun in 4th or 1oth house also suggests use of Ruby, especially if major period of Sun is running. Mars in 7th plus Sun and 9th lord in 11th house creates good yoga. In all the above mentioned conditions one may use Ruby carefully.

Gemini. The sun lord of 3rd cannot become yogi in this ascendant. Placing of Sun in it’s own sign especially along with Mercury and running major period of Sun is the only indication of Ruby.

Cancer. The sub being dhanesh, a lord of marak house, also becomes yogi when placed in star of the Sun, Moon and Jupiter. Placing of Mars + Sun in 10thy or sun + Mercury in ascendant + Venus in 4th creates great yogas. Afflicted Sun, running period of Sun are few more indications of Ruby, which may be used along with pearl after through judgement of age.

Leo. Ruby is a very useful gem for this ascendant. The sun if placed in star of Jupiter and sun becomes yogakarak. Placing of Sun plus Mercury and Mars in 1, 4, 9, and 11 houses or Sun plus Mercury and Jupiter in 1, 4, 5, 9 and 11 houses or sun plus Mercury and Jupiter in 1, 4, 5, 9 and 11 houses or Sun + Mercury in 1, 9 and 11 houses create great yogas.
A good quality Ruby may bring un expected laurels especially, if Sun’s period is running. Afflicted Sun in this ascendant is a curse for them and such individuals should immediately wear Ruby.

Virgo. Sun, the lord of 12th house, can create yoga when related to the moon and Venus. When placed in own sign Ruby may be worn along with Emerald especially in major period of the sun.

Libra. Sun is an enemy of Venus and rules 11th house, Placing of Sun in 11th house + running period of Sun is the only usual condition favouring Ruby.

Scorpio. Sun is a natural malefic which rules 10th ought to provide good results. Its placing in star of Sun, Moon and Jupiter makes him yogi. In addition Sun + Mercury and Venus in 7th create great yoga. If Sun is in 10th house (own house + directional strength) one may get Rajayoga if Ruby is worn especially in the running period of the Sun.

Sun, the trikona lord is highly benefic and also becomes Yogi if placed in the star of the Sun, Mercury and Jupiter. Ruby is a life time gem for general luck and they should essentially wear it.

Sun the lord of 8th and enemy of lagnesh never becomes benefic or yogi. Ruby is not usually recommended for them but Sun if placed in 8th and running its own period one may wear Ruby.

Aquarius. 7th lord Sun can become Yogi if placed in star of Sun itself. Sun being lord of maraka house, one should wear Ruby only after a thorough check up of health, illness and age.
It is noteable that 7th is 10th to 10th house from ascendant and wearing of Ruby when Sun is in its own sign or star may provide professional success.

Pisces. Lord of 6th Sun is an in auspicious planet and its placing in own sign plus running period of Sun itself may indicate use of Ruby.

More about Ruby
Minimum prescribed weight of Ruby is 2.25 carats
It should be got set in a ring form when sun transits Leo or Aries especially on Sunday. It should be worn after sunrise on Sunday of Shukla, paksha* within one hour of sunrise especially if the day is ruled by stars of Sun, i.e., Krittika, lI. phalguni and LI.shada. If some one gets Ravi pushya**star, it is excellent between 1630-1800 hours.
Finger is ring finger and metal is gold.

Pooja should be performed with red flower and red chandan and mantra “Om Harang Hareeng haroong sau suryae namah” should be recited ideally 7000 times. To inoculate strength in it, use of Surya yantra is also favourable. Its age is 4 years. Afterwards it should be changed Inimical gems with Ruby are Diamond, Gomedha and Neelam.
Dedicated to Father of Universe, Lord Sun
Shukla paksha – Bright lunar half of month.
Ravi pushya – Moon traversing pushya star on Sunday

Reference: :Gem Therapy In Vedic Astrology: Dr. Neeraji Lalwani

Emerald – Panna

Mercury the ruler of intelligence rules Emerald or Panna. It is green coloured soft gem never comes without intermingling fibers within and it is also the identification mark of true or fake gem.

It is notable that when Mercury is in Virgo, it may bring the native to the top of academic or literary fields unless badly aspected.

A Few General Characteristics of Emerald

Highly effective for perfect control of the nervous system. Defects of memory concentration, stammering, etc., essentially require Emerald.
Combust or debilitated Mercury often gives lung problems.
(Asthma, bronchitis) and may give rise to academic downfall. Here a good quality emerald creates wonders.
Businessmen, writers and publishers may liberally use emerald.
It is good for those who are lazy or those who need control over the tongue or engaged in communication.
It should not be worn by newly married couples, as it decreases sexual appetite and performance.
NB. If essential, must be worn with a Red Coral.

Universal Indication of Wearing Emerald
Virgo or Gemini ascendant.
Being a benefic when Mercury is combusted or debilitated.
Being a benefic when Mercury is placed in 6/8/12 houses
NB. It is notable that if lagnesh is in 6/8/12 houses, it creates difficulties in 24 to 32 years of life. Strengthening lagnesh by appropriate gem can ward off many malefic influences.
Benefic Mercury when retrograde and placed in Aries/Taurus/Leo/ Sagittarius/Capricorn/Aquarius/ Pisces.
NB. Retrograde planet when combust should not always be taken as strong. But when it is behind the Sun and previous house does not belong to the enemy house, it will behave like a strong planet.

Use of Emerald in Curing Diseases

Emerald alone in effective in:
Erythroblastosis fetalis
Depressive psychosis and other psycotic disorders
Hyeracidity or dyspepsia or stomatitis
NB. in Asthma add moon Stone and Pukhraj
in bronchitis use copper for Emerald setting.

With Gommedhe….used in;
Brain tumor
Breast Cancers

With pukhraj and moonstone, used in:

With Blue Sapphire (in Punchdhatu), used in:
Gallstones (use Emerald in gold)
Paralytic attacks.

Emerald for various Ascendants
Aries: Lord of 3rd and 6th houses Mercury is not an auspicious planet. it is never a Yogi planet but may create a yoga if placed in 11th house along with Sun and Venus. Mercury in 2,4,6,7,8, and 9 houses often provides speech, lung, skin disorders with or without nervous troubles. When these problems are aggravated during periods of Mercury one may use very small (hardly exceeding 2 Rattis) Emerald around the neck but always add Pukhraj as a protective talisman.

Lord of 2nd and 5th houses mercury is always auspicious. In the star of Sun or mercury it further becomes Yogi. When rashi is Leo and Jupiter + Mercury both aspect 4th house a great yoga is created. Mercury + Venus in Ascendants and Jupiter in 7th also create good yoga. Mercury when 7/8/9/11/12 houses, Emerald is essential.
In this ascendant, if a native observes change in colour of Emerald it means that he is not in sincere company. When colour becomes pale it shows indifference in love and spouse and soon he will leave her when the colour completely fades.

Lagnesh and Mercury loses Kendradhipati dasha. In the stars of Mercury, Jupiter and Venus, Mercury becomes Yogi. Along with the sun when Mercury is in lagna or 4th it creates Bhadra yoga. In all the above conditions Emerald is very good. While Mercury in 6,7,8,10 and 12 houses Emerald becomes a must!

Lord of 12th and 3rd Mercury is never a good planet. Running major period of Mercury when it is in its own house is the only indication for using Emerald.

2nd and 11th Lord Mercury highly rules materialistic matters, when Mercury is in Jupiter or Sun’s star it behaves like a yogi planet. In 4,5,6,8,9 and 12 houses it may provide speech, throat and hearing problems and use of Emerald may decrease these effects. In this ascendant, weight should be more than 4 – 5 Rattis. In the major /sub-periods of Mercury one may use Emerald.

Lagnesh Mercury also rules 10th and becomes yogi in the star of Mercury, Jupiter or Venus. Its use is of course unquestionable.

9th and 12th lord Mercury can become yogi when in its own star. With Sun in 12th or Sun + Mercury + Venus in ascendant or Mercury + Venus +Saturn in ascendant, it gives good yoga. It is a great friend of lagnesh and use of diamond with emerald may bring unexpected laurels.

Lord of 8 and 11houses, Mercury cannot become auspicious, though relation with Jupiter or placing along with Sun and Venus in 7th house is a yoga creating condition. Mercury alone in 1,2,4,5,9,10 and 11 houses may indicate wearing of emerald in major periods of Mercury itself, otherwise it is not indicated.

Suffering from kendridhipati dosha, Mercury is maraka,. In the star of Sun, Mercury and Jupiter its position is good. Mercury in 1,2,4,5,7,9, and 10 houses may indicate its use in major periods of Mercury. When Mercury in 6/8/12 houses one has to suffer a serious setback in profession. One may wear Emerald to improve it but when setbacks are restricted to marital affairs use of Pukhraj is much better.

Lord of trikona Mercury also rules 6th. On the whole it is auspicious and when placed in star of Venus it becomes Yogi. One very interesting yoga is created in this lagna. Though lord of 9th but when placed in own 9th house along with Jupiter in lagna aspected by Venus (a yogakaraka) it provides long life with endless poverty. One should avoid it in Mars and Jupiter’s main periods otherwise it is a good gem for these natives.

5th and 8th lord Mercury becomes Yogi in the third star of venus. it is capable of creating yoga when placed in 3rd along with Sun + Jupiter, Though overall auspicious emerald should be combined with Neelam to get maximum results and to avoid unexpected results of the 8th house.

Lord of 4th and 7th houses Mercury suffers from Kendradhipati dosha and affects longevity. It cannot become Yogi in any star. Mercury in its own sign or 2,5,9,10 and 11 houses is good. However, emerald should be avoided as far as possible. In the major period of Mercury one may use it along with Pukhraj. Calculation of age and illness is essential.

More about Emerald
Emerald should be flawless and should not have any black spots within . mIt is often worn in silver unless specified (Some also use gold). Weight is adjusted according to requirement but often more than 3 ratti. It should be worn on a Wednesday ruled by Revati, Jyestha or Ashlesha stars specially when Mercury is transiting own signs Gemini or Virgo (50-150). Finger is 4th and prefer a time within one hour of sunrise or between 12:00-13:30 hours. The mantra to inoculate strength is “Om baraang bareeng barong sau budhaye namah” which should be recited ideally 9000 times or one may use the already abhhiimantrit gems with 108 mantras. Also donate green grass to cows, green cloths to young children or orphans. Pooja should be performed with different coloured flowers. Inimical gem to the Emerald is NONE. Its age is 3 years. afterwards it should be changed.

Dedicated to Lord of Brilliance, Mercury

Reference: Gem Therapy in Vedic Astrology: Dr. Neeraj Lalwani