Aries/Rat Personality – East – West -2

in the beginning, Aries/Rat never has much trouble with love. The young Aries/Rat is energetic, attractive and wily enough to seduce and conquer easily. Moreover, the younger they are, the more flexible and gentle the Aries/Rats allow themselves to be. So parties and dancing, dates galore and even some social drinking will play a big part in the Aries/Rat’s early adult life.

But middle age, work, responsibility, kids, social status and the necessity to acquire material wealth has a toning-down effect on this subject.Aries/rats mellow backward. That is, they start out tender and gentle, funny and silly, and by middle age take every love affair as seriously as Hiroshima.

This reversal of the fun-in-love pattern stems from the grown-up Aries/Rat’s unhealthy preoccupation with doing the right thing. Where most people loosen up as they grow into their thirties and forties, the Aries/rat tightens, stiffens and panics. Am I old? Am I ugly? Should I diet? Will I please? As an adult, the Aries/rat is plagued by self-doubt in love.

For this reason, when an Aries/Rat of a certain experience falls in love, you can hear the thud for a thousand miles around. Beware of the elder Aries/rat who adores you, calls you thirty times a day and sends you so many flowers you’ll wake up one day and think you’re already in your coffin… wreaths of roses, baskets of posies, truckloads of gladiolas. It’s love, Aries/Rat style.

You ought to go looking for a Gemini/Dragon or Ox, a Leo/Dragon or Leo/Ox, or even a rollicking Sagittarius/Monkey. Aquarius of the Pig or even Dog persuasion will lighten your spirits, too. Stay away from Cancer/Cats and Capricorns born in Horse Years. You don’t see eye to eye on important subjects-like money!

Home and Family
Oh, to have an Aries/Rat parent! Talk about involved, this person digs in with both hands and lives vicariously everything the children do, from their first drool to the final wave as they go off to college.Mother Arie/Rat makes clothes for her children and costumes for the school play. She bakes cookies for the Sundat School bazaar and volunteers to direct and produce the kids’ senior play. Father Aries/Rats heft their kids over rocks and rills at age two just to get them out in nature, teach them about birds-and to show them all the property they will inherit one day. As a parent, Aries/Rat will never let you forget how “good” he has been.

Aries/Rat children are great fun. They are energetic in the extreme, but they usually are not naughty or unruly. Aries/Rat kids love taking part in sports or other extracurricular activities. They will be popular and work well in class. At home, they must be reminded to take time away from hobbies to do homework. They will be talented for art. This must be encouraged. never humiliate an Aries/Rat child.You will not be forgiven.

It’s hardly necessary to tell you that Aries/Rats are incurably ambitious.They like to work-on anything and everything. They are always gifted for their profession. They take joy in planning and organizing, finding things out and even in filling out boring administrative forms. Success arrives at Aries/Rat’s doorstep without any apparent effort being made to attract it. Aries/rat is not interested in living poorly or in feeling inferior to his neighbors and coworkers. Therefore, Aries/Rat, who has energy to expend anyway and never shirks chores, is a natural achiever.

If I had to hire someone and I had to choose among several canditates, I’d look for the Aries/Rat in the lot. They are not only vibrant and intelligent, but they are loyal to any cause they take up. You couldn’t ask for a more committed employee. You might, however, be surprised at the cost of this committed employee.You might also, be surprised at the cost of this commitment to your monthly payroll. Aries/Rats do not work for peanuts. They do wonderful jobs at whatever they do, so it’s probably worth it. But if youu’re looking for a bargain basement sales manager, don’t hires an Aries/Rat. They never give up until they have earned “enough” money, which is about one million more than is “enough” for me or you. Aries/Rats like luxury and are not afraid to get it.

Famous Aries/Rats
Marlon Brando – Sarah Vaughan – Raymond Barre – John Cheever – Gloria Steinem.

Reference: The New Astrology: Suzanne White

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