Taurus/Metal Ox

Ardor – Languor – Stubbornness – Integrity – Determination – Prejudice – Strength of Purpose – Bigotry – Industry – Intractability – Eloquence – Plodding – Patience – gluttony – Standoffishness – Diligence – Logic – Complacency – Innovation – Bias – Sensuality – jealousy – Vindictiveness – Stability

“I have” Earth, Venus, Fixed – “I Preserve”, Negative Water, Yin

It would seem at first glance that the combination of Taurus the Bull and his soul mate, the ominous Ox, might indeed be born so unwieldy and ponderous as to sink into extinction at the age of two months. The opposite, however, is true. Taureans born in Ox years tend to be big and heavy characters but they endure.

Taurus is, of course, a taciturn sort of creature. Eloquent and steadfast, Oxen are just plain slow. They take their time about life and go at each task as though it were coated in sticky paper and had to be handled with enormous deliberation and foresight. Closing the door is a national issue with Oxen. They take hold of the handle and push ever so gently but firmly, shutting the door panel without a sound and listening for the click that means it is soundly latched. By this time, most people have been through five doors.

This character is not in a hurry. Nor, therefore, is he impatient, hot-headed or impulsive. Taurean Oxen think first and leap into the fray after they’ve had dinner, a long sit and forty winks. As a result, they often make wise decisions. Or at least they make considered decisions – sometimes their wisdom (in the case of Hitler, for example) is questionable.

There is little time for nonsense in the life of a Taurean Ox. She will appreciate poetry and enjoy watching ballet but she doesn’t really feel she ought to take time away from serious work for such frivolities. I’m not saying that Taurus/Ox is a stuffy sign. Far from it. The sensuality quotient is high among Taureans of all persuasions. But the Ox/Taurus will be able to postpone his sensual requirements, delay his gourmet indulgences, stave off the raging desire for passion-because his first aim is to succeed and to gain fame and respect from his fellows. He’s not striving for power over others. he is after power among his peers, esteem, admiration. Self-indulgence can wait.

I wouldn’t like to be in a job competition with Taurus/Ox. if for one moment I let down my guard and did not stay up day and night to complete the project at hand, I would definitely be the loser. Taurean Oxen can outlast anybody at almost any job that promises to take them a notch further toward their power struggle’s end. Of course their is no “end” as such. Taurean oxen keep pushing ahead till they keel over and stop breathing.

This person will not be adversely affected by criticism. He may dress badly and forget to comb his hair. He may not shave for a few days while busy at some urgent pursuit. She may not bother to pluck her eyebrows or shave her legs. The important thing is the goal. For all his devil-may-carelessness about dress and grooming, the Taurean Ox is both attractive and seductive. People are drawn to his innate seriousness and ability to make others feel good about themselves.

As we already know, coldheartedness is one of Taurus/Ox’s strong suits. If cornered by a lover or mate, this person is guaranteed to fight, and fight both hard and dirty. Taurean Oxen are capable of profound and sombre love with regard to their paramours. But watch out for their cruel streak. It’s always ready to clamp down hard on your heart and stay there for as long as it takes to ruin your equilibrium. Otherwise, as long as you don’t try to beat this sensuous creature, you may be rewarded with much profound tenderness.

If you love one of these people. allow him or her to shine. make room for this character to develop its slow but steady superiority and you will never have a cloudy day. Don’t, for heaven’s sake, ask this Taurean/ Ox to be Chatty Cathy or hold forth with the jokes and off-colour stories at parties. if a Taurus/Ox wants to perform, he’ll become an actor and rise inexorably to receive an Academy Award in his own sweet time. He does not need approval from you. He needs it from the whole world.

You’ll not be bored with either Pisces or cancer/Rats or Snakes. Roosters from these two signs please you, too. They are industrious but still have “soul” I’d advise you to look into Capricorns and Virgos of the Rat, Snake and Rooster categories. They can be dour, but then so can you. You might try a Pisces or Capricorn/Monkey but only for brief flings. Give Leo, Aquarius and Scorpio of either Tiger or Goat families a wide birth. They are all too heady to be your steady.

Home and Family
Decor is not all-important to the Taurean/ Ox. As long as the surfaces are not too cluttered and things more or less function, this person will not rush out and order new furniture or fabrics so he can bring his environment up to snuff. The Taurus/Ox’s goal, remember, is achievement. Surroundings are only useful insofar as they assist him in reaching his goal. Oh, he will not live in a sty or accept outrageously humble dwelling places. His self-image is in unusually good shape and what’s more he adores comfort. So a couple of deep comfy armchairs and a large oak desk with plenty of room for his papers and books might best characterize the Taurus/Ox’s abode.

With family the Taurean/Ox is not likely to be overtly demonstrative. He will, however, tend toward the tyrannical and must be handled with care. The kids will probably not be allowed to make noise while a Taurus/Ox parent is working. he or she will be attached to early traditions and hope for offspring and/or siblings to share in this enthusiasm for things natural.

As a kid, the Taurean/ Ox will likely spend quite a lot of time on his own. he won’t be completely solitary. But he will always feel special and prefer the company of his cronies to that of his parents or brothers and sisters. His talents will usually lean toward the artistic and he can be encouraged in all the most difficult pursuits as he has the innate strength to persevere for difficult goals.

Jack Nicholson, a famous Taurus/Ox actor, said recently in a newspaper interview that he felt there was no such thin g as ” the best age” for success and happiness. he claimed that one should feel good about oneself at all ages and that achievement ought never to depend upon things so transient as “youth” or “beauty” or “charm.”

I find this attitude typical of the Taurean/Ox personality. In work situations, no matter what a Taurus/Ox is aiming for, /there is no substitute in his mind for hard work, diligence and might. Age shouldn’t have anything to do with it. Nor, according to the Taurean/Ox workaholic creed, should any trifles such as background or social position or, God forbid, sex! That’s a Taurus/Ox’s way.

What can a Taurean/Ox do for a living? Answer: anything as long as it’s not insignificant. These natives should be guided into careers where tenacity and drive get you furthest. They might choose athlete, reporter, salesperson, actor, musician or researcher.

Famous: Taurus/Oxen: Adolf Hitler, Gary Cooper, Jack Nicholson, and Billy Joel