Leo – July 23 – August 22-2

Leos at their glorious best are great-hearted, passionate, generous creatures. They love loyalty and sincerity, and they withhold nothing of themselves, possibly because they cannot bear hypocrisy or deceit in others. Mature Leos are excellent romantic partners, especially if they find mates who command respect.

As befits their regal natures, Leos are devoted to high ideas; they are honourable, conscientious, courageous, and daring. Lions live for the moment, savoring life to the fullest, But for all their virtues, these children of the Sun, their ruling planet, must strive to overcome an imposing dark side. Leos who fail to dispel these shadows can be demanding, domineering, insensitive, and destructive.

They risk drowning in egocentricity and materialism, lacking both the desire and the capacity for spiritual development. Leos must endeavor to avoid the kind of exaggeration that can debase their many gifts.

Reference: Mysteries of the Unknown-Cosmic Connections.