Virgo / Rat

Lucidity-Nit-Picking-Nervousness-Appeal-Discrimination-Negativism-Influence-Verbosity-Courtesy-Snobbery-Acquisitiveness-Thrift-Practicality-Meticulousness-Thirst For Power-Sociability-Service-Crankiness-Intellectual Skill-Guile-Decorum-Reserve-Charisma-Meddling

“I analyze” Earth, Mercury, Mutable – “I rule” Positive, Water, Yin

A peppy, analytical person will be born of these two strong signs. Without the bulldozer punch of some of the other forceful New Astrological signs, the Virgo/Rat goes about his business craftily and with both system and industry. The Rat’s aggressiveness is tempered here by Virgo’s methodical intelligence. Virgo/Rats are neither hot-headed nor foolish-except in love. The thing about Virgo/Rats that sets them above the madding crowd is their total independence of pressure from without. They do what is necessary when they feel it propitious and will not suffer to be hurried or concerned by associates or adversaries. “Wait”. The Virgo/Rat will hold up his hand in an important meeting. “Let me think.” And reflect he will- for as long as it takes to dredge what information he needs out of his own head. This character works best alone and needs no straight men or canned laughter to propel him to perform.

As Virgo/Rats deal so resolutely from within their own sphere of influence, it is sometimes difficult for them to listen or heed advice or opinions from others. They seem to absorb information perfectly while it is being spewed at them. Then, surprise! They have not assimilated the facts as they were emitted. They have instead fed some facts into the data bank in their own inner world in their personal private meticulously exact language. In doing so, the Virgo/Rat is capable of sapping all the emotional punch from another person’s idea before they idea has a chance to take its first breath.

Of course this coin has a reverse side. Overtly windy and impulsive people can be skillfully assisted by the likes of Virgo/Rats. The staid and sinuous thought processes of the Virgo born in a Rat year can sort the feeling from the fact in seconds flat. Go crying and weeping to a nice Virgo/Rat person sometime and watch his style. “Now sit down. Calm yourself. Collect your thoughts. What was it again?” they may say cannily. By the time you look up from your sopping handkerchief, the Virgo/Rat is on the telephone. It usually turns out he had begun calling your enemy’s number before you got through your first gasp. He doesn’t need to hear all the gory details. He sifts through, and click, he’s got the fellow on the line.

There is something of a Popeye quality in this deep-thinking dynamo, too. The idea of rescuing people in distress is tempting and so easy for the Virgo/Rat that he doesn’t see why he shouldn’t just pop a can of spinach and dive into the fray. I have Virgo/Rat friends who seem to prosper on the trouble that others can cause for them. They marry problems, they hatch problems and they will fall in love with their problems’ problems. Virgo/Rats’ up-heaveals. But they just keep going ahead at their own mild-mannered pace, getting to their office on time, calling the psychiatrist for their daughter’s husband, and then getting the firemen on the phone about their cousin the arsonist’s most recent caper, and after that they write a letter to the police about their wife or husband’s little knife incident.

You’d think they would explode from the complexities of other people’s lives. But no. They find it perfectly normal that their forty-five-year-old sister-in-law just found out she was illegitimate and had a nervous breakdown in Macy’s. They dash out to buy another straight jacket. Virgos and Rats both take kinship and friendship very seriously. They never forget an old pal, and would literally give you the shirt off their backs if you needed it. If someone they care about deprives a Virgo/Rat of his friendship for any reason whatsoever, he is stunned and shocked. As a benefactor, he cannot understand why people he has helped and admired would jilt him. Trouble is, he can sometimes be so blindly preoccupied with his bevy of [pet nutcases that it exasperates his friends. This he cannot understand. And it wounds his spirit deeply.

Where hearts are concerned, lucidity is not the Virgo/Rat’s strong suit. Although he may be a genius at scrutinizing a contract for a pal who just got a role in a film and is worried he’ll be ripped off, Virgo/Rat cannot be even slightly objective about his personal life. He loves people with irrational passion. And I am sorry to say that he idealizes them too. As Virgo/Rat is such a straight-up guy, he thinks everybody else is just as direct-dealing and fair as he is. Of course Virgo/Rats have the most devastating bad luck in love affairs because they cannot see the forest for the trees. People pull more wool over Virgo/Rat’s eyes in love affairs than is produced in all of Australia.

Yet, the Virgo/Rat needs love desperately and will travel far and wide to locate just the right person to fall in love with. I know a Virgo/Rat woman who, at forty, left her wealthy protestant minister husband in a gossipy small town in the South, took her five children under the age of twelve and moved to India to follow the love of her life. India? “Why not” says the impassioned Virgo/Rat. “I loved him, didn’t I?”

If you love a Virgo/Rat, do him or her a favour: Don’t make life easy for them. Be complicated. Make scenes and cause rows and burn down the living room once in a while. But- and this is the big but with Virgo/Rats-always be sweet. Virgo/rats are always a bit stiff. They are bowled over by sweetness and docility. They like nice people, and really don’t care how you can act as long as you stay as sweet as you are.

I can see you felicitous next to an Ox, a Monkey or a dragon of the Taurus, Cancer, Scorpio or Capricorn schools. I’m not quite so sure about those Scorpio/Dragons, however. They are fairly dauntless and you usually prefer to do the daunting. If I were you I would avoid Gemini, Libra, Sagittarius and Pisces born in either Horse or Cat Years.

Home and Family
A model of family responsibility, the Virgo/rat likes to take care of others, give them everything he has and allow them whimsy and fantasy galore. But oddly, with all this apparent indulgence, Virgo/rats want the rules to be obeyed. They are not cops. Virgo/rats don ‘t go goose stepping around laying down the law. But they themselves respect the rights of others and behave in a mannerly orderly fashion. They would never be able to comprehend a child or spouse or even a parent who did not do as much. The Golden Rule describes the way Virgo/Rats treat their families. Some kids take advantage of this good-natured fair paly attitude and walk all over their Virgo/Rat parents by not playing the game. I’m not mentioning any names but some kids need a good boot in the bottom.
The Rat/Virgo’s home will be a haven for everybody he loves to come and visit, sit around the fire, chat and gas and natter on till all hours.

As he is a sensualist and appreciates fine wines and foods, he will share them with you as though there were no tomorrow. “Here. Try this Romanee-Conti. No? You’d rather have Gevrey-Chambertin? Hang on, I’ve got just the bottle for you. “you’ll never see such sumptuousness laid on anywhere but in the festive Virgo/Rat’s dining room. Too, as he is both a careful Virgo and a hoarding Rat, this character will be the best friend you want to know during food shortages. This person stocks up on everything. You should see my Virgo/Rat friend Irma’s pantry. Dog food for years to come. The dog will be dead by the time she uses it all up. She never buys one of anything in the supermarket.

Virgo/Rat children may seem too quiet and reserved to be healthy. But it isn’t so. Virgo/rats enjoy behaving well. You cannot keep them still for long, though, as they need to move about a lot and are curious about all matters. But they can be taught almost any skill with their hands, and usually enjoy refined tastes in everything from food to music at a young age. These children need a neat place to grow in. Try not to force them to share with a Piggy sibling. It won’t teach them anything and will only exacerbate their high strung-nervous system.

This person is a gifted analyst. His talents lie in areas requiring research and a systematic approach. He is able to act quickly but does not like to make rapid or ill-considered decisions. Virgo/Rats are especially talented i8n fields where they have the opportunity to help other people achieve their ends. They enjoy being privy to the inside dope in any situation and can keep secrets-except about their personal lives.

Virgo Rats are not terribly flexible people. They are often disquieted and restless. All careers that require dealing with the public are wise choices. But Virgo/Rats will probably not take well to vapid or emptyheaded jobs. They don’t mind doing menial routine jobs and are capable of enormous patience for poring over accounts and densely worded documents. As A boss, a Virgo/Rat would be ideal for a hardworking cheerful employee. But if he has to use a cattle prod to get his workers moving, he’ll simply fire them. Virgo/Rats do not suffer inefficiency in themselves or anybody else. Virgo/Rats make fabulous employees themselves. They may be just a b it on the rigid side in their outlook. But better rigidity than sloppiness, n’est-ce pas?

Some Famous Virgo/Rats
Leo Tolstoy, Joseph Kennedy, sr., Maurice Chevalier, Lauren Bacall.

Reference: The New Astrology-East Meets West- Suzanne White