Taurus – Leo – Scorpio – Aquarius
The Fixed signs are considered to be the ‘safe hands’ of the zodiac. While the Cardinal signs dash off into the unknown, starting new enterprises and then dropping them to pursue the next dream, the Fixed signs step and transform the raw product into the finished article.

Stability and endurance are their watchwords; they do not tend to falter or switch allegiances, nor do they make decisions lightly. Once committed, they usually stick to their chosen path through thick and thin.

Planets in Fixed signs consolidate the energy of the Cardinal signs according to their Elements. Taurus for instance, will focus its considerable storehouse of energies on steadily securing material stability (Earth), whereas Leo is more inclined to concentrate on wielding the reins of power; or at least getting itself noticed (Fire). Scorpio looks to manipulate situations in order to maintain emotional stability (Water), and Aquarius will try to hold on to its ideas by bending others to its point of view (Air).

Persistence, strength of purpose and endurance under pressure are qualities much to be admired. But too many planets in Fixed signs in a chart often manifests as an inability to change when circumstances require it.

When this happens, it is all too possible for the stubborn or, at worst, wilful behaviour, for which these signs are notorious to come to fore.

When there is a shortage of planets in Fixed signs, ther is a corresponding lack of determination. These types may be full of ideas, but they are essentially rudderless, lacking in application, and often caave in rather too easily.

Reference: The Instant Astrologer: Felix Lyle & Bryan Aspland

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