Hessonite-Semiprecious Stone

Colour: Green, green-brown, brown-orange
Chemical Composition: Grossular garnet: Ca3Al2(Si04)2
Hessonite garnet: Ca3FeAl2(Si04)2

Grossular garnet and hessonite garnet belong to the garnet family. They are compounds of calcium and aluminium and have a hardness of 6.5 to 7. Grossular garnet is the green to green-brown variety of garnet. Hessonite garnet is characterised by its transparent brown-orange colour. Grossular garnet is found in sites, which are located in Norway, Sweden, Italy, the CIS states, Canada, Pakistan, USA and Tanzania. The largest and most beautiful grossular garnets undoubtedly come from Queensland, Australia. Hessonite garnet is mainly found in Sri Lanka and Madagascar.

Historical Tradition
For both the Greeks and the Romans, the stone had a strong influence on their Gods. The name grossular garnet derives from the Latin word grossular garnetia, which means “gooseberry”. Clear and beautiful grenn grossular garnet, as well as orange hessonite garnet, were highly valued precious stones in ancient times, and were often mistaken for emerald and beryl. Grossular garnet and hessonite garnet have not only been valued items of jewellery since time immemorial, but their power is also confirmed in the healing effects which have long been documented.

Curative and therapeutic effects on the body
Grossular garnet strengthens, in particular, the bone structure and promotes bone formation. It gives protection against bone disorders, such as bone softening and bone atrophy (osteoporsis). In this context grossular garnet strengthens the protein-containing primary substance of the bone, which in turn responsible fopr the calcium uptake of the bones.

The bones thereby become more resistant and less brittle. In children and young people, in particular, it relieves and heals suppurative osteitis and bone softening, which is also called rickets or rachitis. Grossular garnet harmonizes the calcium/phosphorus balance of the bones and protects these against softening and twisting. In addition, grossulat garnet is the form of grossular garnet water also has a healing and preventitive effect on the bones, because its high calcium content better supplies them with minerals trace elements and vitamins which, consequently, produces more healthy elasticity of the bone tissue.

Moreover, grossular garnet has very healing and strengthening actions on the liver. It alleviates hepatitis and the over-production of bile by the gallbladder. This, in turn causes jaundice and skin which changes colour and becomes irritable. laying on the grossular garnet not only heals the causes in the liver, but the skin as well will once more become stronger when grossular garnet is used.

Hessonite garnet
Hessonite garnet heals paralysis of the motor nerves, such as for example those of the calf bone, elbow and shoulder. It also alleviates total paralysis of the joints and the face (polyneuritis). In addition, hessonite garnet offers protection against disturbances of the optical nerves, stuttering and uncontrolled movements which can be traced back to paralysis in the brain and the spinal cord. It relieves and heals not only these forms of paralysis, but also helps in the case of multiple sclerosis. drinking hessonite garnet tea in the evening before going to bed to sleep is an especially effective elixir.

Curative and therapeutic effects on the mind
In terms of the effects on the mind, grossular garnet can be compared with hessonite garnet. When worn around the neck, both can not only give protection against depression and anxiety complaints, but also take away, particularly in children, general stress, stress associated with school and anxieties about taking examinations and tests.

Both stones instill the wearer with a positive outlook on life and more willpower. Psychosomatic disorders, which make the sufferer irritable, aggressive and particularly sensitive to pain, are soothed like a balsam for the nerves by using grossular garnet and hessonite garnet.

People with a pre-disposition to schizophrenia are often not aware of their illness. relatives should therefore give them a grossular garnet or hessonite garnet to alleviate and heal the psychosomatic disorder. They quickly alleviate the unrestrained movements and cause the imaginery voices to fade away in those persons who are affected.
Subsequently, they produce the effect that the split personality of the person affected is once more put in order, and he or she is then able to cope with everyday life again. Both stones impart not only more optimism and a greater feeling of a sense of self-esteem, but also a more sensitive manner of interacting with our fellow-men.

Grossular garnet and hessonite garnet are both particularly suitable during meditation for the heart chakra. The effects they have can be multiplied with the aid of powerful pink stones, for example tourmaline, crystal or kunzite. During meditation, by using grossular garnet and hessonite garnet we gain the ability to reach the nerve endings which provide genuine information about the wishes and the immediate state of health of the organs and the mind.

With these stones we obtain a better appraisal of the complicated life processes taking place in us and in nature. it has often been reported that people who meditate with grossular garnet and hessonite garnet have freed themselves very quickly from psychoses and dependence in relation to drugs, alcohol and smoking through their own willpower.

How can I obtain grossular garnet or hessonite garnet and how should I look after it?
Grossular garnet and hessonite garnet can be obtained as crystals, tumbled stones, hand stones, pendants and cabochons. They are, however, relatively rare representatives of the garnet group. Large, green grossular garnet discs embody the most powerful properties of the grossular garnets. These stones should be regularly discharged and cleaned overnight, at least once a month, in a bowl with hematite tumbled stones. After discharging they should be recharged for a few hours in a group of crystals or directly in the sun.

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