Ardor-Languor-Nervousness-Appeal-Determination-Prejudice- Influence-Verbosity-Industry-Intractability-Acquisitiveness-Thrift=Patience-Gluttony-Thirst For Power-Sociability-Logic-Complacency-Intellectual Skill-Guile-Sensuality-Jealousy-Charisma-Meddling.

I Have”, Earth, Venus, Fixed ” I rule”, Positive, Water, Yin

Taureans born in Rat years benefit from a happy accident. Rats are overtly hyper. The Taurus mitigates the Rat’s piano-wire nervousness. But to the lumbering Taurus personality, Ratso adds spice, pizzazz and a hefty pinch of calculation. The Taurus/Rat is a combination of William Shakespeare and the Ayatollah Khomeini: tough, bright, and with nerves of steel and natural superiority.

It is the maintenance of well-earned position that essential interests the Taurus/Rat. He likes power. But he doesn’t necessarily want dominion over others. He can be ardent. But he will not step down from his pedestal of dignity to slobber over a lover affair. You will never see a “sloppy” Taurus/Rat.

Taurus/Rats have enormous appeal and are capable of the ruse the likes of which you are unlikely to encounter in any other sign. They are strong-minded and strong-willed. But rather than stomping down on the accelerator in order to win the race, the Taurus/Rat may lean back in his driver’s seat, ponder, take his dictaphone mike in hand and slowly, deliberately deliver just the razor-sharp tactical stroke of genius necessary to win without even lifting a toe.

Taurus/Rats make redoubtable foes. As they hardly ever seem to take anything personally and never exhibit their vengeances publicly, You can never ever really tell what they’re thinking. All you do know is that they are thinking fast and effectively. Taurus/Rat have infallible memories, too. What may seem like a petty detail to any normal person is to the Taurus/Rat a paramount fact. Names return to their lips after ten years as though they had just seen the person yesterday. Taureans born in Rat years are walking file cabinets. The Taurus/Rat is definitely a master not a slave. Yet, if need be, he can appear to be enslaved, bat his eyelashes and even titter in his corner if he knows it’s necessary to reach his goal. I cannot go so far as to say he is ruthless-but almost.

Taureans born in Rat years are protective of those they care about. They can show enormous generosity toward people they want to help, although the Taurus/Rats look as if they have ” got it together.” But if you penetrate a bit deeper you’ll note a hidden spark of fun-loving cha-cha-cha. Unless you are part of the Taurus/Rat’s select entourage, however, you may never get to share any of that secret playfulness.

The Taurean Rat subject loves with a constancy and steadiness that closely resembles an old stone wall. He or she is bound to be a highly sensual soul and for this reason may be given to occasional dalliance. But dalliance is not real life. And what interests the Taurus/Rat is bite-the-coin-real-honest-to-God-solid-to-the core reality. If you love this person, be faithful. Don’t try any funny business. Oh, you can be amusing and even a little light-headed from time to time. But you cannot be disloyal. Taurean Rats are jealous and grasping and so involved in their relationship, so committed to the perpetuation of that unit, that any deviation seems to them perfectly implausible. So if you have caught yourself a Taurus/Rat, stay close to home.

I see you with a strong but gentle Pisces/Ox or Tiger. But you could very well make it with Cancer, Virgo or Capricorn/Monkey and Pigs. The Ox gives you competition but you don’t mind that so long as he doesn’t thwart your power trip. Horses don’t work for Rats, but you should particularly shun Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius/Horses. Cats are too coll to keep you fascinated forever. They annoy you with their eternal reserve. Aquarius/Cats unnerve you the most. They’re so calmly clairvoyant and laid back. You hate inerta.

Home and Family
The Taurus/Rat’s home will be, first of all, traditional. Even if the lamps seem a little on the ultramodern side and the chairs smack of some posh up-to-the-minute designer’s deft hand, look a the Louis XV commode over against the wall. And on its marble top? Copies of publications read only by top-drawer people with good taste in everything.

The family life will (even though Taurus/Rat is so frequently away at work) revolve around the Taurean born Rat member of the family. It is always finally up to the bull/Rat whether the family summers in Maine or in Brittany. It’s not exactly egomaniacal despotism, because Taurus/Rat gives space to those he loves and cares that they measure up to very high standards. Let’s just say that Taurus/Rats like to deal with professionals and deplore amateurism of all sorts.

A Taurus/Rat’s childhood is meaningful in the extreme. You must first allow him to express opinions and draw his own conclusions. Taurus/Rats are frequently not the best students in the class. They are often bored by the triviality of school routines and prefer to approach study in their own steady, steely manner, independent of petty regulations. Frankly, Rat Taurean kids know the rules down to the ground. But they’d rather work out some system of their own, and often do.

There are few professions closed to this study, bright nature. The Taurean born Rat is gifted for all jobs that require a strong sense of duty combined with exertion of power. he likes money and is able to keep thousands of facts in his head at one and concentrate on at least five different pursuits at a time. Taurus/Rats are those people you see with four telephone receivers under their chins, signing documents on their desks and discussing a deal with a client in their office-multifaceted and not for a minute superficial.

I would say that as an employee, Taurus/Rat will only be biding his time till he can become the boss. This is a pragmatic person whose common sense far outweigh his huge for spontaneity. Taurus/Rats do make very hard-driving bosses, but their employees respect and like them and will rush around handing them things and making tea. The natural superiority is undeniable in this character. He will always maintain dignity and distance with his employees. But he’s not afraid to smile and say thanks.

A few examples of Taurean Rats:
William Shakespeare, Charlotte Bronte, the Ayatollah Khomeini, Studs Terkel, Zubin Mehta, Charles Aznavour.

Reference: The New Astrology: Suzanne White

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