Astrology Interpretive Reports

General Natal Reports

If you are new to Astrology, you may not know what a natal report is: It is an interpretation of the birth chart that does not focus on one specific or narrow issue such as vocation, but instead provides a comprehensive analysis of the person.

AstroData has access to the World’s largest collection of Interpretive reports. interpretive report options provide you with options for more thorough interpretations and also interpretations that focus on particular area or issues.

describe a person’s personality, tendencies, inclinations, and areas of potential strength and weakness. Your natal report provides guidance and direction that can be helpful and useful to you. 7 reports are available as listed below:

Cosmo natal-Merlin-Alpha imprints-Elie (French only)-Major Life themes-Indra-Life path report

Specialized Natal Reports

There are a variety of specialized reports. Some focus on a particular area or aspect of life, such as a vocation. Others are written specifically for a particular age group, such as children or seniors. There are 17 specialized reports to choose from.

Health Reports

Medical analysis and diagnosis can legally be give only by professional Health Practitioners. These reports are being made available to health professionals and researchers. This medical analysis is not to be used for producing reports for commercial sales to the general public. The information provided is state- of-the- art astrological analysis and can only be applied by trained and licensed, health professionals.

Chinese Astrology Report

The Chinese divide time differently from the way western cultures divide time. Most of us are accustomed to 100-year centuries, but the Chinese divide time into blocks of 60 years. We divide our centuries into ten decades . The Chinese divide their sixty-year spans into “dozencades” or twelve-year periods.

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