Year Of the Earth Pig-2

2019 Rat

2019 is a beautiful year for the Rat. As Pig rules this year and adores Rats, Rats hold a good place this year in regards to luck. Most especially this year Rat, try to be brave and follow your dreams as this leads to more prosperity for you. The luckiest time for you this period comes between July the first and the fifteenth of October. Those Rats who are single are extraordinarily lucky in romance this year. 2019 is an excellent year to relax as much as you can Rats.

2019 Dog

2019 the year of the Pig, shines brightly on Dogs, as Pig brings Dog protection and prosperity. this year Dog needs to find a more relaxed and comfortable going attitude. This year you are likely to reach your career goals, Dog. November will shine luck on you yet you will find your luckiest period Dog is between the fourth of January and the eight of March.

The one aspect for Dog to be mindful of this year is health and vitality, keep your energy levels up and rest to avoid fatigue, perhaps more often than usual. Ways of advancing this year Dog is all around your social circle.

2019 Goat

2019 is going to see much success for the Goat as the Pig very much favors the Goat, and 2019 is the year of the Pig. you will notice things turning your way this year Goat. What especially enhances this year for you Goat is getting a handle on your fluctuating emotions. Your luckiest time this year comes between the Nineteenth of July and the twenty-eight of November.

2019 Rabbit

In mythology , a tale states that the Jade Emperor decided the order of animals corresponding to what order they arrived at the gathering he had organized. Rabbit arrived fourth as he was napping. The years corresponding to Rabbit are (1927-1939-1951-1963-1975-1987-1999-2011) So soft and sweet is Rabbit! Rabbit is not weak, though others may be fooled. They are strong and confident, yet also quite. Rabbit is in constant pursuit of some goal or another. They, are attentive and logical, and this leeads them steadily toward their goals.

They feel socially vulnerable, and this sometimes causes them to run away and hide. Men are peace-makers and very well-mannered. The women are social and considerate and fair. The Goat and the Dog and Pig are the most compatible signs. Creative careers suit Rabbit well, due to their sensitive nature. Pig and Rabbit do so well hand in hand; this is a very favorable year for Rabbit. Lots of ups yet you must still keep your focus Rabbit

Friends come through for you this year Rabbit and expert financial windfalls and career change. Not only are outside circumstances favorable for you this year Rabbit, yet you also enhance and refine your personality, appearance and habits. The luckiest times for you this year Rabbit are between January the second and the thirteenth of March and the fourth of September and the fifth of December.

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Reference: YiWah