Aries – The Ram – March 21 – April 20

Assertive – Wilful – Independent – Self-centred – Enthusiastic – Impatient – Honest – Reckless – Combative – Argumentative – Energetic-Decisive – Domineering – Passionate

Aries at a Glance
Symbol: The Ram – Core Meaning: To initiate – Ruler:Mars – Element:Fire – Quality:Cardinal – Polarity:Positive – Colour:Red – Parts of the Body: Head, brain,eyes, adrenal gland.

The great wheel of the zodiac begins its cycle on the vernal equinox, which is the first day of spring, as it rolls into Aries sign of the Ram.

Astrologers liken those born under Aries to the season of spring itself, a time of awakening, emergence, shedding of restraints, impulses towards life. Arians are vital, instinctual, and young-the zodiac’s perpetual children, youths in search of identity. As such, Rams are likely to be joyful, dynamic, assertive,outspoken, and brave. The celebrate life.

The frenzied joy in the paintings of Arian Vincent van Gogh expresses the Rams’ passionate love of life. On the other hand, they may also be intolerant, impatient, impulsive, and overemotional, deficient in the capacity for self-reflection and concentration, and inclined toward taking impulsive and ill-considered risks. Enormous energy is Arians’ great gift. Chaneling it outward, past self-absorption and toward enlivening the world around them, is the great challange confronting Rams.

Arians hate constraint, boredom, apathy, and ambiguity. Nuance escapes them, shades of gray confound them. They are most comfortable with emphatic contrasts-black and white, yes and no, good and bad. Subtlety is foreign to their natures. Confrontational, provocative and at times even outrageous, they delight in testing limits and breaking rules. They despise pretence in others; if it exists in themselves, they simply fail to recognize. Pretence in others; if it exists in themselves, they simply fail to recognize.

They tend to prompt conflict and to revel in it, but their fights are usually over principle and their roles are heroic. Arians are the xodiac’s warriors. Wary pf joining groups and following leaders, they are also quintessential individualists, and they care deeply for individual rights. Astrologers deem it no accident that the Declaration of Independence was written by an Arian. Thomas Jefferson.

But Arian personalities are marked by paradox. Although they cherish their individuality, they can be disturbingly authoritarian and hierarchical. They prize their independence, but they tend to define their identities through interaction with other people-and self-definition is all-important to them.

Thus they care deeply about relationships, even while they roil and plumb them for every last scrap of informative feedback. Flirting is a pleasant approach toward connecting with others, but if flirting is not feasable, fighting will do as well. For Arians, any form of contact is better than none at all, and even combat becomes a kind of telling intimacy.

Of course, the point of combat for them is to win – on all fronts and at all costs. Competition adds zest to life; it helps slake their thirst for life; Not surprisingly, contentious Arians tend to have difficulty forming lasting romantic, attachments. They are sentimental but apt to be domineering. They are passionate, to be sure, but their passions are inconstant.

Their tolerance of boredom is minimal,their youthful attention span limited. The symbol of the Ram is as metaphorically significant as its way forward, scornful of obstacles, careless of consequences. The raw, erratic force of Arians can be destructive, astrologers say. Therfore, it is the task of those born under the sign of the Ram to direct their power toward mature and constructive ends.

They must master the slow process of self-education if they are to bring to fruition the projects that they begin with such elemental enthusiasm.

Reference: Mysteries of the Unknown: Cosmic Connections

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