Leo – July 23 – August 22

Leo At A Glance

Symbol: The Lion-Core Meaning:To radiate-Ruler:Sun-Element:Fire-Quality:Fixed-Polarity:Positive-Colour: Gold-Parts of The Body: Heart, Upper back, Spleen, Spinal cord, Aorta.

Self assured-Sincere-Generous-Optimistic-Constant-Dignified-Spontaneous-Arrogant-Sloppy-Demonstrative-Domineering-Self-obsessed-Pompous-Lazy-Autocratic

At the height of summer’s fullness, there springs from the nurturing cradle of Cancer majestic and the fiery Leo, the Lion-producer, director and star of life’s drama. In Leo’s passionate theatre, pageantry,ceremony, and celebration are the order of the day. The spotlight is the Lions birthright and applause their due. They live to perform, and create on the grand scale. But they have a dilemma. How do they differentiate between creating high art and merely living in high melodrama?

For young Leos, life is the medium for art. The play’s the thing. They want to experience everything – or at least to imply that they have. They need a watchful audience to feed their craving for constant attention and admiration. More mature Leos come to value their creativity enough not to squander it in vain, in displays of emotionally exhausting scenes.

Leo The Lion

They learn they are not only the actors, but the playwrights as well, with a responsibility to direct their theatrics into productive roles. Leos are both impulsive and emphatic. They are at home with absolutes, edicts and flamboyant proclamations. They tend to construct rather overdrawn personal dramas around the issue of authority. They are quick to confront and challenge a power figure, yet they are wholly amazed if they suffer wounds in the ensuing fray.

Metaphorically, Leos struggle to emerge from the mothering domination of Cancer, at the same time, they are apt to retreat to the authority figure for reassurance when the world proves too harsh. However cocky their headlong assaults on life, Leos some times feel that only a parent can fully appreciate their brilliance or soothe their injured pride. As assertive as Arians and as clever as Geminis, Leos, like Cancerians, enjoy building

But where crabs seek an edifice for security, Lions want a monument, a material testament to their greatness, their uniqueness, and their majesty. Exuberant Leo represents the first strong emergence of ego structure in the zodiac. Despite occasional fragility, Lions are confident-in their own ideas, their methods, their talents, and their expertise. Hence they are likely to give plentiful free advice, whether or not it is sought.

They want to lead to excel to be noticed, and to matter, and they expect other to follow. They want to be somebody in the social sense, as well as in the larger cosmic arena. Willful, larger-than-life historical figures abound under the sign. Napoleon Bonaparte,T.E.D.Lawrence(“Lawrence of Arabia”)Fidel Castro, Benito Mussolini,Mata Hari.

Lions are also industrial leaders, literary masters, and pacesetters of style: Henry Ford, George Bernard Shaw, Carl Jung, Aldous Huxley, Robert Graves, Herman Melville, Percy Bysshe Shelly,Dorothy Parker, and Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis. Of course show business is the Lion’s natural habitat. Director Stanley Kubrick and rock star Mick Jagger are Leos, as were Cecil b.DeMille, Sam Goldwyn, Alfred Hitchcock, Mae West, and Annie Oakley. Leos are not shy, and they are seldom averse to self-promotion. Where they are they rule.

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