Eight Of Cups

A young man turns his back on a tumble of cups. A sleeping mole indicates blindness. He gazes off at the horizon as if assessing the land scape before setting off on his journey. He has tasted of all the cups and found them lacking. Although they may have satiated him for a time or masked his true feelings, they really only provided a kind of diversion from what he must do.

Gilded Tarot
Eight of Cups


The full moon rises and he cannot ignore its light and call, just as he can no longer ignore the voice of his soul. The time for blindness is over and he must acclimate to the light and, like strength, Major Arcana VIII, move forward with determination. You have dallied with desires and fancies that kept you distracted from your path, from doing what you know you must. It is time to turn away from this shallow comfort and forge ahead.

Be aware of being misled by the moon. Do not mistake a desire to run from mistakes for a call from your soul. If the cups here represent a mess in your life, maybe you are meant to stay and clean it up.

The Minor Arcana

Reference: The Guilded Tarot companion: The Minor Arcana: Barbra Moore