The Twelfth House

Sacrifice and Service To A Greater Cause – Fears That WE Project Unto Others – The Unintegrated, Unconscious Self – Hospitals And Prisons – Escapism
The Twelfth House At A Glance
House Classification: Mutable
Opposite House: Sixth
Natural Ruler: Neptune/Jupiter
Natural Sign: Pisces
Core Meaning: Expanding Self-Awareness through self-integration
Outer Meanings: Self-undoing, sacrifice, confinement, secret enemies

As the rhythm of the house unfolds, we fin ally reach the twelfth, the most puzzling of all the houses to unravel. On the one hand, it is the last in the cycle, and therefore symbolizes completion: on the other, as it lies just above the horizon, it is the first to receive the light of dawn, and so stands at the beginning of a cycle.
Both these stand points have a bearing on the meaning of this house.

Traditionally, the twelfth holds a grim portfolio, which includes secret enemies, acts of ‘self-undoing’ and institutions such as hospitals and prisons.

These descriptions become clearer if we understand the polarity between the sixth and twelfth houses.: the sixth represents the need to incorporate external reali8ty into our psyches, whereas the twelfth symbolizes the need for the complete integration of our psyches with life.

Because of their positions in the birth char, twelfth house energies are extremely susceptible to early conditioning. Id these energies are perceived to be threatening in any way, the ego – adapting as it does the demands of the external world – will bury them in the un conscious. But these hidden fears will eventually re-emerge as neuroses, people or events that appear to subvert our intentions. This accounts for the twelfth house’s association with ill health and secret enemies.

Alternatively, suppression can result in escapist and destructive behaviour. However, through transcending the ego, sacrificing some of its most cherished preconceptions, we can assimilate twelfth house energies in to our lives, and find a renewed sense of purpose in the process.

Planets in the Twelfth House:
For people who have undertaken a journey of self-discovery, or for whom twelfth house planets do not present a particular threat, planets in this house, especially the Sun, can be one of the most powerful indicators of achievement and fulfilment in life.

Reference: Felix Lyle and Bryan Aspland