Cheerfulness- Outspokenness – Nervousnes – Appeal – Openhandedness – Recklessness – influence – verbosity – Solicitude – Bad Manners – Acquisitiveness – Thrift – Valor – vacillation – Thirst For Power – Sociability – Honor – Carelessness – Intellectyal Skill – Guile -Reason – Contradictions – Charisma – Meddling

“I see” Fire, Jupiter, Mutable

“I Rule” Positive Water, Yin

The marriage of Sagittarius to Rat brings us a healthy and vivacious person full of energy and abustle with activity. The Sagittarius born Rat just about never sits still. This person likes groups and is always surrounded by guests, friends and family alike.

Less charm-conscious than many Rat subjects, the Sagittarian is impatient to achieve but is not concerned about what others think of him. He or she presents a candid self-image without frills or pretense. If you like that sort of thing, you will enjoy this dynamic Sagittarian’s company.

If you are not attracted by his or her simplicity and directness, then you don’t have to come atound. It’s all the same to Sagittarius/ rat. He has no time to please dissenters.

Despite being a super host or hostess and the best group animator in any crowd, this person in oddly impenetrable and reserved. The Sagittarius/Rat is not the life of the party, laugh-a-minute type. Rather, the Rat born in Sagittarius transcends the show-offy, stand-up comedian type of party thrower.

This person draws people togethernot out of a need to be surrounded but out of a desire to see others happy, to watch them amuse themselves and to observe their interactions. The Sagittarius /Rat is the first to run to get the wine and to offer you the best chair in the house. Be comfortable. Enjoy.

In the same concerned way, the Sagittarius/Rat is a protector of loved ones. This person has he natural on-top-of-the-world quality necessary to boost morale of ten disquieted Dogs or nervous Nellies.. Not that Sagittarius/ Rats spend hours stroking their pals and family members,but there is something reassuring about the presence of this guiding-light creature.

One always has the felling the Sagittarius/Rat won’t forget to turn out the light before going to bed and will be sure to lock the gate. The people born under the dual signs of Sagittarius and Rat are opportubistic for themselves and for their loved ones. They are quick to see the worth of a situation or the use of a new person or thing.

In an emergency, they act rapidly and intelligently, keeping a cool head despite their feverish action, They know who to take apart a problem and put it back together so it works. They leap at the occasion to take advantage of a stroke of luck. Sagittarian Rats are gamblers with life. They barrel ahead when they feel the time is ripe, and they very often reap huge benefits because they have followed their nose. If you are ver in doubt about a new aquaintance’s honesty or mettle, ask a Sagittarius/Rat to have a look. They know how to pick a winner.

This person is an inveterate traveler .He or she may leave home at a young age to wander, to seek a new place to settle, to find his or her own level upon which to be free to move un hampered by social convention or fusty family ties. The Sagittarius Rat has an incisive mind, and is talented for rendering the human comedy in artistic ways.

Such people will have thewherewithall to become leaders in charitable causes, as they fel deeply for those less fortunate than themselves. Sagittarius/Rats can make lots of money, but they are not good managers of wealth. They tend to be spendthrift and overtly generous in the wrong places.

In love situations this person is idealistic. Sagittarius Rats ar easily disappointed in romance and may never marry. because of their basic mistrust of all of society’s demands, these people tend to shy from shoes-under-the-bed security and snug-as-a-bug-in-a-rug cliche relationship. They are fascinated by the exotic and so invested with adventure and wanderlust as to be difficult to match with a suitable life partner.

Should your affections lean to the Sagittarius/Rat and you have fallen under his or her inimitable spell, I advise you to buy a couple of seats on an airplane for Hong Kong or the Seychelles and invite your sweet Sagittarius Rat along for the ride. You may never unstick him or her from the palm trees and ricksaw life-style. But then you can always set up shop is a foreign land so as to be closer to your freewheeling Sagittarius/Rat and his/ her projects. Don’t settle in too deeply, though; this person likes to keep moving. Who knows? maybe next year you’ll be moving to the Costa del Sol.

Reciprocity with Aries, Leo, Libra, and Aquarius/Dragons is easy for you. You can form close ties with them and you approve of their snappy approach. Leo, Libra and Aquarius/Monkeys and Oxen suit you just fine. You are wildly attracted by Libra/Goats. Tensions will arise between you and Gemini, Virgo and Pisces/Horses and Cats.

Home and Family
The Rat born Sagittarius lives in authentic luxury. He or she will be big on paitings by the latest artist and sculpted furniture from Italy or Sweden. The Sagittarius/Rat never sacrifices comfort for luxury, however. His or her aim will always be to provide and protect family and create an ambiance where huge receptions feel natural and right. Sagittarius/Rats don’t mind having help in their palaces, either. They will be as nice to the service personell as they are to their own family. This person is naturally not a snob.

With children, as with anyone who needs their help or attention, Sagittarius Rats are cleverly care-conscious. They never hover or fret over their kids. But these kind, outspoken parents never let their kids out of their minds for a minute. They are gentle and loving but they are also firm. A kid whose parent is a Saggitarius/Rat will never forget to say “Hello” to company and stand up when adults enter the room.

The Sagittarius/ Rat child is likely to spread his toys and influence around a good bit even before he’s out of diapers. This little tyke cannot stand to be confined, and will learn early to climb out of playpens and over high railings. The travel bug sets in early with these curious and active souls. Field trips and vacations to untrodden lands occupy these youngsters till they are old enough to fly alone. Watch out for signs of rebillion in early adolescene. This child cannot exist in hypocritical surroundings. If there is too much unspoken tension around the home, this kid may try to pack his teddy bears and leave at age seven. Cards on the table time.

Attributes such as those of he Sagittarius?rat are rare. This person’s ability to zero in on human situations and make truth out of a single notion or vision is not common. He or she will be best utilized and happiest in peripathetic fields involving decision-making. Sagittarius/Rats are both perseverant and brave. Adventerous jobs appeal to their need for freedom.

The Sagittarius/Rat boss doesn’t want power over others unless he gets truth with it. If accused of wielding blind authority, this person will find the situation intolerable. Although usually not hotheaded, sagittarius/Rat is capable of summarily firing an employee for groveling and sniveling. he wants contact. Not obeisance.

This person is not a contented employee. He or she is always trying to get to the boss stage. They will be efficient and dutiful but never stay underlings for long. As independents these subjects work admirably well toward success. Some professions that might please the Sagittarius/Rat are Journalist, ski instructor, sociologist, newscaster, social worker, ambulance driver, volcano explorer, geologist, sportwriter, personell manager, lawer, veterinarian.

Famous Sagittarian/rats. Toulouse-Lautree, Eugene Ionesco, carlo Ponti, Tip O’Neill, Abbie Hoffman, Lou Rawls.

Reference: The New Astrology: A Unique Synthesis of the World’s Two Great Astrological Systems: The Chinese and Western