Year Of the Tiger – 2022

Tiger people are hasty passionate. Their judgement isn’t always perfect and they hate rules unless they make them themselves. It’s common to meet tigers who have held many different ( and sometimes very responsible ) jobs in their lives. Tigers need change and movement. They hate to stand still or feel confined by outside forces. Tigers are frequently identifiable by their velvet-footed tread. They move in rather liquid fashion, arms out slightly, shoulders thrown back.

To the tiger, all fashion is snobbery. He wouldn’t be impressed if San Laurent were holding a press conference in his bathroom. Yet, Tiger people love to think themselves as innovators and pace-setters. And the Tiger’s pace is indeed frequently more avant-garde than the current mode. The Tiger seeks out the unusual and then tries to call it his own.
Tigers are go-ahead people. They rush headlong into nests of hungry Piranhas that even a killer shark would give a wide berth. Attracted to the zany and outrageous in both friends and mates, the Tiger frequently finds himself hitched to a loony. There’s something about this tawny beast that says, ” Come along, Nutcase. I’ll take care of you. Just amuse me with your crazy antics and we will live happily ever after.”

Months or even years later, when the Tiger finds himself being held by the throat against the wall of his lair, threatened both mentally and physically, lie simply gives a push with his hind legs and leaps to safety–always landing on his feet. Relationships and circumstances that would drive anyone else to the brink of suicide leave the Tiger person unshaken and even smiling. How does he do it? Let’s just say that when the going gets rough, the Tiger’s well-developed self-preservation instinct comes to the rescue and, in a rush of adrenalin, he lopes off into the hills.

The Tiger subject is not interested in money. (I say this in full knowledge of the fact that some Tiger subjects are lusciously rich and prowl around in luxury.) But what I mean is that Tiger people are not conscious of money. They like to have enough–even a lot–of money.

But they are not only preoccupied by the acquisition of it. For the Tiger, no matter what he does , there will always be ample–until one day their is no more. When they have it, Tigers spend it. And when they have no more, they get more. This does not mean that Tigers are always industrious. But it does mean they are very, very lucky.

Tigers like to be honest. But sometimes circumstances push them to commit small crimes. They cannot tolerate either authority or ” unfair” laws. They hate injustice and will fight to the death defending their opinions. As Tigers have natural authority, they are often found in positions of influence and power. But because they are so mobile and fond of change, many intemperate Tigers find themselves at age fifty without a position of importance worthy of their talents.

Curiously, the secret of the Tiger success lies in his ability to cultivate solid, serious and sound thinking advisers and friends. If he chooses his lieutenants wisely, the Tiger will always be a winner. He must learn to ask for counsel and help, to learn from experience and derive lessons from all his mistakes . Then, and only then, when the Tiger learns moderation, will he succeed.

Reference: The New Astrology: Suzanne White