Relationships – Year of the Earth Pig-3

The Pig or the Boar is a sensualist, faithful both in friendship and relationships, stylish, perfectionist, and hardworking. Also, he is very tolerant and is recognized by others for his kindness and generosity. He is known for his passionate, caring and seductive nature. The attracts faithful friends and others seeking to enjoy his benevolent, with his big heart.

The Pig, despite his appearance, lacks self-confidence and this is the reason he most often needs a demonstration of love and affection from the other people. Additionally, that is another reason he cares so much for his image. Another big trait of his love for fashion, and it is one of his favorite topics of discussion whenever he is with friends. The Pig cannot bear to be ignored , and one of the things that can give him paralyzing anxiety is the worry for money.

Love Marriage & Birth

Many great things are awaiting the Pig in the year 2019. Most importantly love is the most beautiful prospect that awaits the Pig in the year 2019. The dating environment is very conducting for the Pig, but this could pose a huge problem to the Pig as he is already in a relationship though this will present a perfect opportunity for the Pig to test His charms and passion. On the flip side, this would threaten His marriage and will lead to an escalation of tension, a situation that can be permanent.

Whoever, it’s not the Pig who should dial down his desires, rather it is up to his partner who is supposed to tolerate these impulses, through the partner can also decide whether he/she has a problem with it or not. The partner can also choose to change him/herself to try and win back his/her beloved back.

There will be numerous social activities during the year 2019. Friendship is easier to form due to the open mindedness and warm atmosphere during the Pig Year.

His/Her Feelings

Compatibility between Two Pigs. Two Pigs are ideally part of the same love and friendship compatibility triangle. They form a successful functional couple when they are together. However, this is not always unnecessary for couples who belong to the same Chinese zodiac sign.

Money and Career for the Pig 2019

The year 2019 is the year that will be successful for the Pig regarding personal finances according to Chinese horoscope 2019. The unsuccessful investments, in the previous year will start to reap fruits, making the year 2019 a year of good harvest for Pig natives. Of course, this is only reassured to the most patient Pig who made a lot of sacrifices along the way and keep on believing that their dreams will come to pass.

This period is characterized by the dynamic and warm seasonal cycles during which family bonds are highly consolidated, couple with a surge in the desire for material possession.

The zodiacs originated as a result of Jada Emperor; who needed to choose twelve animals as palace guards. The Zodiac signs play an important part in the culture of the Chinese as they can be used to determine one’s fortune for the year, marriage compatibility, career choices and the best time to have babies.

In some places, married men were accompanied to go out at night with their wives, when it was their zodiac year. Furthermore, their years were initially known as earthly branches. The branches were also assigned to the hours of the day based on the time of the Sun. The Zodiac in Chinese is important because it represents culture significance in that the animal signs were used in stories too. Apart from showing the years, the Chinese zodiac also had some important features concerning their culture.

Since the zodiac recurs after every twelve years, everyone meets his or her birth sign year after twelve years. One’s Zodiac sign might be the same as that of any of the family members especially if one is twelve years older or younger than them. Chinese Zodiac was used to tell time. In early times, people had no clocks or watches. they used the twelve earthly branches to name the hours.

The Chinese society used the twelve animals to tell time. They also acted as a source of entertainment and convenience to the society. The twelve signs of the Chinese zodiac are believed to be a recurring cycle. The Zodiac signs form a recurring twelve-year cycle, and each cycle is represented by one of the twelve animals. They believed that the year that one was born determines your zodiac sign. Each zodiac sign represented two hours.

The zodiac year does not start on the beginning of January, rather the New Year’s Day falls between mid-January and late February. people feared bad luck because it can bring calamities to them and their families. This is what prompted the society to wear red undergarments and items to protect themselves from evil spirits.

Furthermore, each zodiac sign was believed to have a predetermined personality trait in people’s lives. The year that a person was born was believed to relate with their zodiac sign. This was also assumed to affect their personality. Their personality was determined by one’s birth hour and birth month.

These zodiac signs were also believed to be suitable for choosing the best spouse and determining the right time to have babies. It was used to determine if two people were compatible with marriage or relationship.

Chinese astrology helps the Chinese culture in providing a detailed understanding of their birth years and the animals that they are related with. This gives the society a deeper understanding.

Reference: YiWah

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