Cancer / Rat – Personality Profile – 2

This tendency to want to see justice done can sometimes be a form of meddling. I have had a couple of winning, voluble, loyal Cancer/Rat girlfriends who, because they thought my current beau was being unfair to me or was behaving in a “macho” fashion, literally edged the unsuspecting gentlemen out of my life. In one case, I think the relationship would have died its own death soon enough. But in the other case, I really was not finished with loving the poor fellow. But my Cancer/Rat friend deemed him unworthy of me. And she chucked him out. Really.

A fascinating subject to love. In romantic situations, Cancer/Rat is always miles ahead of his mate, calculating and feeling, intuiting and sensing, what should happen next. His goal in love is never to be bored, to maintain his passionate sentiment at a pitch difficult to achieve even at age seventeen. For these ends, the Cancer/rat is known to be deliberately fugitive, hard to get, maverick and elusive. As we already know, he is secretive.

When you do notice him from time to time sleeping next to you as though he hadn’t been gone for ten days (and you don’t dare ask where), it seems like such a blessing, a miracle, that you accept and get on with it. The cancer/rat is not necessarily unfaithful. He may not have gone away for ten days with anyone but himself. But he does usually have many successive lovers and at least a few mates in his busy life.

If you love a Cancer/Rat and want to hang on for a while, I suggest you practice examining his face for signs of retreat, social-mindedness, bad temper, dreaminess and / or lust. When you learn to read your Cancer/Rat’s cryptic facial features, you will have won half the battle. Don’t try to keep him down on the farm. Don’t fence him in. Don’t smother him with marshmallow kisses. But do provide a secure and safe environment (complete with ivory tower) for his personal development, give him expensive presents, and above all, clean out your ears, You’ll be needing them.

you are extremely love-oriented. Partners suitable for you will be readily found among Taurus, Virgo, Scorpio, and Pisces subjects. Prefer Oxen and monkeys. They understand your brand of subtle power play. You clash with Horses, especially Aries, Libra, and Capricorn/Horses. Don’t be flattered by the attention of either Libra or Capricorn/Cats. They cannot handle you-and vice versa.

The Cancer/rat’s surroundings will be luxurious and original. The normal plenty of any Rat’s pantry will be redoubled by the inclusion in his sign of the hoarding, acquisitive cancer. You won’t find this person happy living in a hovel. Cancer/Rats are noted for their chic, well-appointed homes, where the dining room is the centre of activity. Family dinners and gatherings are essential to this character’s equilibrium. His kin come first. And to defend them the Cancer/Rat will kill.

As a parent, the Cancer/Rat is strict, possessive and grasping. At first, he loves willingly and without question all of his children equally. Then, as time passes and the children begin to take on individualities and express their own desires, the Cancer/Rat will be guilty of some favouritism. He may unconsciously choose to favour the child who needs him most, kid who can’t make it without Mom or Dad’s help. Cancer/Rats don’t particularly admire independence (from them) in their kids. A strong minded child who disagrees with his Cancer/Rat parent should leave home early to escape tyranny. The Cancer/Rat feels he must protect his offspring. To do so, he sometimes meddles in their lives.

A Cancer/Rat child will surprise you by turns with his seeming solitary ways and his perfect sociability. The loner side of his nature should be encouraged, as this often difficult and testy-natured child will grow into his own skin best if he has time to do so at his own speed in his own place. Try not to force him to share his toys or his room with a sibling. The cancer/rat child is an independent sort.

It’s difficult for me to imagine any Cancer/rat who is not a writer. I have four close Cancer/rat friends and they are all writers. Moreover, among the famous cancer/rats I found are both Antoine de saint Exupery and George sand. The cancer/rat career dice seem to be loaded in favour of the pen.

I don’t see this watery creature as an executive or even a whistling happy worker bee. There’s so much emotion to be expressed, so much heart over head in this subject, that I can best imagine him or her in artistic or art-related fields. Of course, as an independent, this person could surely choose dentistry or medicine or law as a career. he certainly has the intellectual wherewithal. Politics and government jobs are out.

The cancer/rat hates witnessing corruption. If he works in an office he will rail at all in-office inequities, And he won’t stick around very long if he feels these same injustices are about to be wreaked on him. The cancer/rat is quick-tempered and a mite snooty when attacked.

The Cancer/Rat is a hard worker. But he will not be pushed or bossed. Jobs requiring solitude or independence will work for him. Even commerce – if he owns his own store-can serve him well. He should, however, steer clear of careers that require plodding and day-to-day hypocrisy. He cannot hack phony smiles and insincere pats on the back.

Other famous Cancer/Rats: Louis Armstrong, Lord Louis Mountbatten, Art Linkletter, Sidney Lumet, Bess Meyerson.

Reference: The New Astrology: Suzanne White