Cartomancy is reading the future with cards, either Tarot, or what we now usually refer to as ordinary playing cards. No one know for certain which came first or, indeed, when or where packs of card originated. The earliest known references to cards of any kind date back to the late fourteenth century when card -playing was banned. In fact, cards seem to have had rather a chequered early history and were frequently the victim of State or Church decrees and edicts forbidding their use, along with other games of chance.

However, despite their controversial and lazy beginnings, records show that cards were not intended solely for amusement but were used for intrusive purposes too, usually by children or those who could not read. Nowadays many people recognize their usefulness as an effective and easily accessible means of foretelling the future.

3 Card Spread

The three card spread has many variations and is adaptable to many situations. Some of the most common variants are:

Eight of Cups (Inverted)
Six of Pentacles
King of Pentacles
Eight Of Cups (Inverted)Six Of PentaclesKing of Pentacles

The Past, Present, Future Spread; This spread is used to get a picture of how a situation came into bein and what is the most likely if everything stays as it is. By examining the past and present energy, you can work to facilitate the possible outcome or find ways to alter the course.

Past Influence
Here you will find significant influences from the past that shape the current problem.
Present situation
The present forces affecting the situation.
Future Possibilities
Here are forces that will affect the outcome.

The Body, Mind, Spirit Spread :This spread is useful when you feel a bit out of balance and want to pin point an area that needs attention. It’s kind of a holistic thermometer. Once you’ve determined the problem, you can either do another spread to find options to address the issue or simply pull a single card for advice.


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Reference: The Gilded Tarot Companion: Barbra Moore

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