Aries/Rat Personality – East – West

Courage – Naivete – Nervousness – Appeal – Drive – Ostentation – Influence – Verbosity – Heartiness – Willfulness – Acquisitiveness – Thrift – Affability – Excess – Thirst For Power – Socialability – Talent – Sanctimony – Intellectual Skill – Guile – Enterprise – Domination – Charisma – Meddling

I Am” Fire, Mars, Cardinal – “I rule” Positive, Water, Yin

Who is the Aries I saw you with?

That’s not just any old Aries. That’s an Aries /Rat, the cleverest, wiliest and most loquacious of Aries alive. rats are sociable, Aries are affable. Put the two together and you come up with personality plus. Blend the Rat’s inimitable charisma with the dauntless self-assurance of Aries and, well, see for yourself. This person is vitality incarnate.

Plans and projects boil over in the lives of Aries/Rats. On the desk in the den there are plans for a new wing on the old new wing, which Aries/Rat has drawn up in a fine deft hand. In the workshop there are four scale-model villages Aries/Rat has designed and will present to the city council for possible use as housing projects. Upstairs, next to the bed, sits a thick notebook full of Aries/Rat’s first novel. Down at the kitchen you will find the fridge overflowing carefully wrapped planned meals for the week. It is impossible to keep up with this subject. Don’t try.

But don’t sit around and look unbusy either. Aries/Rats cannot tolerate idleness in others. They are kindlyand will assist their loved ones in enterprise of all variety, but they will not invest time or funds in your plan while you lie on the couch for ten days watching your toenails grow. Aries/Rats love challange. They are not afraid to take off into a strange cold land by themselves. They could open the market for humififiers in the Amazon basin.

Aries/Rats inspire confidence. They are not just good salespeople. But they are brilliant at the trappings that go with selling; expensive business lunches, gifts for the executives’ wives, champagne delivered to your hotel room and truffles for breakfast. Who could resist such openhandedness?

As for open-mindedness, well, that’s another story . Aries/Rats despite their amiability and charm, are slightly on the old-fashioned side- especially where the fashion concerns a member of the family. Call it hypocrisy. Aries/Rats may enjoy a wild “social” life, rife with lovers and thick with intrigue, but they prefer that their mates and kinder remain straight arrows all the way down the line. ” Do as I say, not as I do.”

Aries/Rat is a nervous type. If he appears calm and exudes peacefulness , it’s forced and false. Neuroses are always asimmer in the background. Life is never nearly so terrific as Aries/Rat likes to make it appear. Aries/Rats are impatient and sizzling with the spirit of “let’s get going.” They hate to be late and they never waste time.

Aries/Rat wants power. But he is not willing to take the heat that goes with the dominion over others. The Aries/Rat character is that of a slighly naive monarch. The nature of Aries/Rat lends itself to ruling. But to be a boss you must also be a meany, play policeman, enforce rules and regulations. On the whole, subjects don’t “like” those who lead them.Aries/Rat, although position appeals to him or her, will not be able to put up with being hated. The lonliiness of sovereignty would kill Aries/Rat. If he were king or she were queen, whom would they talk to.

Aries/Rat is in a hurry. Lending a qucik nervous mind to so many different plans and projects causes this person to wax edgy anf grow pernickety at times. Aries/Rat is efficient. Why does the rest of the worldhave to be so indolent, so uninvolved, so free from worry and care? How dare they take time to smell the roses? There is no time. It’s already scheduled for a meeting, an errand, a buying spree, a committee lunchen or a ceremony. Aries/rats don’t give poetry much quarter. They can’t. They are really too busy being busy.

Aries benefits from being born in the Rat years. The added Rat guile gives the Ram a better chance of success. With a dose of Rat wisdom thrown in, the excessive Aries will be curtailed. Aries/Rat knows how to fight. But unlike other Aries/ subjects, he will never stoop to street scraping or conscious vulgarity. The Aries/Rat is after bigger quarry than a mere physical victory. Aries/Rat wants moral triumphs… and lots of money to go with it.

Reference: The New Astrology: Suzanne White

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