Feline Report-Astrology Interpretive-Example-Kitty-4


Mars shows how Kitty expresses his energy and enthusiasm for life. Mars gives passion and vitality to the place in the astrology chart where it is located.

Mars in Gemini:

An active pacer, Kitty is seldom seen slowing down. He is always observant of even the most subdued sounds or activity. Curiosity thus triggers a continued demand for action. A lover of high places, Kitty suddenly might literally fly through the trees to catch his prey. Keep perches that are elevated in your house so Kitty can get a better perspective on things.


 Jupiter is where the window of opportunity opens up for Kitty. This is where Kitty finds his fun. Pleasant memories from these times provide a lifetime of happiness for Kitty. Jupiter’s influence is truly beneficial in most cases but can also suggest an area of excess, with food being the major culprit.

Jupiter in Taurus:

This is a warm and tender kitty cat you have here. He displays loving affection to all that warrant it. Kitty may need to investigate your loyalties first, but once proven you’ll be provided with more than enough love from this sympathetic kitty cat. Kitty knows when you need some attention and will lavish it on you. The rewards of your love satisfy his every desire, although a chicken breast or two doesn’t hurt either. Not particularly fond of fish, Kitty might find meat and foul his preference.

Jupiter in the 8th house:

 This feline was born with a silver spoon in his mouth. Others provide for him even if unable to be in attendance themselves. Living a long and interesting life, Kitty loves a mystery and will go out of his way to pursue it. Kitty lives peacefully and well until natural causes take their course.

Jupiter Conjunct Sun:
One fat and sassy cat your Kitty is. Never gloomy but sometimes lazy and indulgent, Kitty smiles when you give him proper attention. Watch Kitty’s diet, but he is generally very healthy with a great deal of resistance to disease.

Jupiter Conjunct Moon:
 Kitty has a powerful magnetic personality that make his appearance special. An understanding of things beyond your comprehension is possessed by Kitty. Sensitive to the needs of others, Kitty makes himself available to all in trouble.

Jupiter Conjunct Saturn:
 This cat means business and will go to any length to complete the mission he sets out to do. Add vegetables to Kitty’s carnivorous diet and grow a patch of cat grass or cat mint to assist with his digestion.

Jupiter Square Uranus:
 Kitty’s sudden and unexpected actions may be his worst habit. Escape and independence are a major impetus for Kitty; the desire to be out and visiting his wide variety of friends is too hard for Kitty to resist.


Saturn shows us where there is restraint or obstructions in Kitty’s life. Saturn also shows us lessons Kitty needs to learn in life and how he might accomplish this. This is where Kitty learns to be resourceful and how to survive in life.Saturn in the 8th house:
There were plans to keep Kitty long before he was born. The pick of the litter was to go to a home that more than adequately provided for him. With everything a kitten could possibly need, Kitty grows up to be quite a spoiled kitty cat. Kitty lives a long life enjoying the catnip you provide for him in the garden.

Saturn Conjunct Sun:

 Kitty is not exactly the healthiest kitten in the litter. Smaller than most, Kitty may have given you much concern when younger. His resistance to disease is usually good but his recuperative ability once sick is slow. It may take Kitty more than one bowl of chicken soup to come through it all.

Saturn Conjunct Jupiter:

 Kitty likes to take risks but stays well within his boundaries. Not a glutton when food is left unattended, Kitty eats what he needs and leaves the rest. Kitty is happy to get any little attention you provide for him. Kitty knows his limits and when to back off.

Saturn Square Uranus:

Kitty may be very unusual and have peculiar habits not seen in other felines. Out of the blue, Kitty can scare the dickens out of you or other house guests. Kitty finds this exciting work and will be sure to show everyone more of his eccentricities whenever he gets a chance.

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