Virgo August 23 – September 22

Discerning-Efficient- Observant-Conscientious-Modest-Precise-Analytical- Dependable-Orderly-Critical- Anxious-Pedantic-Fussy-Undemonstrative- Puritanical- Narrow-Minded

Virgo at a GlanceSymbol: The Virgin- Core meaning: To discriminate-Ruler: Mercury-Element: Earth-Quality: Mutable-Polarity: Negative-Colour: Brown-Parts of the body: Intestines, abdomen, lower dorsal nerves.

The cycle of the heavens, astrologers say, reflect the cycles of earth. Thus the wheel of the zodiac turns to Virgo, the Virgin, as summer ends and time nears to harvest. VIrgo is sometimes associated with Demeter, the Greek Goddess of the harvest, who made the earth lie fallow for half of every year. However, astrologers say Virgo’s original symbol was the Sphinx, the mythological poser of riddles. So too do Virgoans question, turning inward to seek larger meanings about causes and purposes in life and looking for worthy goals to pursue.

Virgoans are the zodiac’s critics, its analysis, its purists. They are the servant, custodians, and perfecters of culture. As for the Virgin, she is a symbol less of purity than of hidden wisdom. She is woman in the fullness of self-possession-the high priestess, the healer, the keeper of life’s mysteries. Her wheat sheaves symbolize the disciplined fertility of the earth. Enigmatic, self-possessed Virgo beauties include Greta Garbo, Lauren Bacall, Ingrid Bergman and Sophia Loren.

Whereas Leos aim for the full development of the ego, Virgoans seek complete realization of the mind. They are logical, practical, and methodical. Their intellect subjugates their instincts. They have strong senses of order and organization and a love of the technological and the minute. Virgoan Samuel Johnson clearly exhibited the sign’s of passion for detail in compiling his famous dictionary. Virgoans are theorists, masters of extrapolation and deduction. They are also perfectionists. They want their environments, as well as their lives, to be tidy. After summer’s bounty.

Virgoans put all in order for the coming winter. They separate the wheat from the chaff. They plan, sort, classify, and store. Virgoans are usually very serious people They are indefatigable workers with a strict sense of duty. Their need to serve, to be useful, is so strong that they suffer greatly when it is thwarted. This characteristic, coupled with their capacity for critical insight, makes them adept healers. Because they are often blessed with superb manual skills, they also make fine technicians.

There is an innate refinement about Virgoans, but also a nervous sensitivity. They are worriers who tend toward pronounced mood swings. In their negative moments they can be pessimistic, depressed, or even destructive. Virgoans are blessed with powerful creative drives, bu these are sometimes handicapped by their need to control and perfect. At worst, their order-loving natures can make them cold, introverted, punctilious, moralistic, overtly fastidious, compulsive about personal health and cleanliness, obsessed with organization, and mired in petty details.

Virgoans may ask large questions, but they do not take large risks. Unlike freewheeling Lions, cautious and conservative Virgins prefer small-scale plans to grand strategies. They are rooted in the present and amenable to change only afte meticulous forethought. They will not willingly court disappointment. If Leos are profligate with their love, Virgoans are extremely thrifty. They are rather aloof and repressed, even puritanical, viewing passion with a highly suspicious eye.

They are demanding in their choice of partners. If Virgoans do not find precisely the right person, they will probably prefer to stay unattached. Virgo women are likely to find more fulfillment in careers than in careers than in homemaking. They are especially suited to commerce, science, and teaching . Confined to the home, they may channel their frustration into obsessive housekeeping and destructively critical behaviour. Another pitfall for all Virgoans is their tendency to rehearse for life rather than to live it. As they see it, they are never prepared enough to take full advantage when an opportunity presents itself.

In fact, astrologers say, Virgoans do themselves a disservice by not realizing that their fine intellects, fully developed or not, are more than a match for most challenges. Virgoans’ real challenge is to expand their perspective beyond details, to see the larger order and underlying pattern of creation and to marvel at its abundance and diversity. Virgoans who accomplish this will know the goals worthy of service. They will then serve with devotion, and in so doing will temper intellect with reverence.

Reference: Mysteries of the Unknown-Cosmic Connections