Feline Report-Astrology Interpretive-Example-Kitty-2

 Sun in Leo:

Show this lovely feline off at all costs. Kitty loves to be fussed over and made to feel special. A real natural in the cat shows, Kitty loves the admiration it takes to win. A bit arrogant and smug, Kitty often expects you to make the first approach. Her coat may be what you first notice, but it’s her big heart that gets the winning result. Kitty was born to be a winner and shines under any attention you display. Keep praising Kitty every day and you will have a loyal pet for life. Kitty’s heart is yours and no one can take that away. Kitty enjoys your family as well as her own brood of kittens. She is a good parent and will help in caring for others as well. Kitty gets the respect she deserves and will make you a proud parent. Keep an extra stash of combs that you can use on that beautiful fur.

Sun in the 9th house:

 The well known traveler of the neighborhood, Kitty is seen near and far. Kitty could win awards for frequent travel miles. She may travel abroad before settling down. A true people cat, Kitty will love to amaze you with all the latest tricks she has stored away in her memory banks. Well-educated and capable of following commands, Kitty would love to teach you a few tricks and is a true teacher by example of her younger charges. Kitty is capable of understanding quite complex tasks, surprising you in the process – once is all it takes.

Sun Conjunct Mars:

Full of spit and vinegar is how you might describe this fire cracker of a cat. Always in motion and quick to respond to noises, Kitty has wounded you in the process when a claw accidentally met your skin. Next time use a larger playing object that will leave you with fewer injuries. Too quick for her own good, Kitty will need to be guarded from head injuries when she is found in the wrong place at the wrong time. Flying leaps might not always meet solid ground. A true pioneer, Kitty will be the first one out the door – sometimes without permission. Guard against escape and never forget to watch for her return. Often she comes back with prey to bribe you, and of course a few new battle scars. Kitty won’t ask to go out but takes the liberty of escaping without you even knowing. It might be difficult to prevent Kitty from seeking outdoor entertainment with her high instinct for hunting prey.

Sun Opposition Neptune:

Not making wise decisions, Kitty may place her trust in the wrong person, putting herself in danger. Know where your kitty is at all times and protect her from those who might do her harm. Children can be one source that Kitty places her trust in, which may not always be a safe bet when she gets stifled with affectionate little hands. Keep water nearby and a favorite fish tank to provide Kitty with the type of environment needed for relaxation.


 The Moon tells us how Kitty bonds emotionally with us and her other feline friends. It’s hard to believe, but cats really are moved by emotions – some more than others. If you ever really want to know what makes your kitty enjoy life look to the Moon sign. Soon you will discover what she can’t live without. It could be something as simple as a catnip mouse, but it will bring lasting enjoyment and a bond with you that will be memorable for life. Learn what your cat desires the most.

Moon in Aries:

Always a kitten at heart but a fierce hunter by any other description, Kitty has a temper that can be seen when she is subjected to limits. Don’t try to prevent Kitty from escape – it is almost impossible. She has a strong prey drive and can surprise you with many presents left for your approval. Kitty is a leader in exploring and marking new territory; you may need to intervene to prevent injury when you hear another cat’s call for help. She can’t help demonstrating who’s boss. Kitty’s tendencies to head injuries may have you visiting the vet more than once. Missing parts from ears or tail is common. It’s not often she loses, but size may be the determining factor. Perhaps the aid of a dog partner, offering protection, will assist Kitty to win battles.

Moon in the 5th house:

 A very productive young cat this is, often having many offspring with or without intervention. Kitty feels joy from each subsequent delivery, and a desire that one or more offspring will stay to provide comfort and affection. Creative in finding ways to get your attention, Kitty may be found under the covers or in your clothes bin. It’s not as if she planned it this way, but the need to share space has been a source of displeasure causing Kitty to find alternative methods for satisfaction. A gambler by nature, Kitty takes many chances that other cats will not. Attempts to steal food off table or out of the garbage might set her up for problems down the road. There is not much that can stop Kitty from attaining her goal. The desire to create a different environment is strong and Kitty makes efforts to place herself in extraordinary circumstances. Kitty may be chosen as Cat of the Year for Friskies Cat Food. The public take a liking to Kitty, making it easy for her to seek attention from those who matter. She is a winner of contests where photo advertisement could be profitable and her picture in lights is possible. Kitty has the ability to look good to many. The nation needs a cat like her to make a statement. Keep photos available for advertisement display or commercial use.

Moon Trine Mercury:

 A talkative one Kitty is, never stopping until she gets what she wants. Even when Kitty isn’t looking for favors she talks. This cat actually likes to hear the sound of her own voice, which is more than can be said for you when a 3 AM serenade suddenly awakens you; that early morning wakeup call may not be appreciated. Don’t try to lock old Kitty out – her meow goes through walls and doors. She is active and playful and the more time you spend together, the more you get hooked on each other. It’s a loving mental and emotional bond that you feel with Kitty. The understanding you share with her transcends all that you have known before. She is a very intelligent, intuitive soul that shares your thoughts and feelings.

Moon Trine Pluto:

Kitty now knows that change can mean good things. She is a product of many changes in the emotional arena – there may be many who have come and gone in her household. This makes it difficult for Kitty to get close to others. She doesn’t care as long as the one constant in life is you. A deep and penetrating wound is felt every time something is removed that she once loved. Give Kitty reassurance that your love will always survive. She feels like she owns you, and sharing is not an option. Never place the love of a human or another animal before her; this does not settle well and will leave Kitty depressed.

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