Taurus: The Bull-April 21-May 21


Taurus is the second sign of the occidental zodiac

Taureans have the following characteristics: Ardor-Patience-Determination-Logic-Industry-Sensuality

Taurean sins may include: Languor-Gluttony-Prejudice-Complacency-Intractability-Jealousy

In the fullness of spring, the inchoate energy of Aries resolves into the orderly pursuits of Taurus, the Bull. Taureans are as prudent and tenacious as Arians are careless ad flighty. Methodical and faithful, even ponderous, Taureans peacefully tend and nurture spring’s garden, bringing forth harmony from chaos.

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The glyph, or picture-word, symbolizing Taurus represents not only the Bull’s head, but the womb-Mother Earth, spring’s fecundity, sexuality in the service of procreation.

Taureans are the zodiac’s sensualists. They revel in tastes textures, colours, aromas, sounds. They love good food, comfortable living, aesthetic pleasures. All beauty delights them. But in a deeper sense, Their sensuality brings them into close attunement with nature itself.

They appreciate its loveliness; they are the wise stewards of its material beneficence. Astrologers believe Taureans were born to value, learn from, and care for the physical world.

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