Reading the Sun Signs

Believers and skeptics may debate forever whether astrology is anything more than outworn superstition. Still, millions of people swear by it. perhaps astrology owes its appeal to a universal trait: egocentricity. Astrology purports to tell us about what interests us most-ourselves.

Because of its life-giving quality, the sun is believed by astrologers to be the heavens’ most powerful predictor of character. Thus the sun sign-determined by the sun’s place in the zodiac at the time of one’s birth-is the astrological destination almost everyone knows. Many people see their characters perfectly delineated in traits ascribed to their sun signs.

Perhaps this is so because astrology expresses some mythic truth. Or it could result from the ease of fitting one’s personality into the vague, elastic terms of most astrological language. A person who broods may be described as a typical Taurus, as might a jolly extrovert. In this way, conflicting qualities often rest comfortably within a single sign.

Over the years, however astrologers have come to some general agreement on what each sun sign means; these p[resumed meanings are presented in the following pages.

Reference: Cosmic Connections-Mysteries of the Unknown

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