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 Mercury, the planet of communications, suggests how felines communicate with us. There are many different forms of communication besides meowing. Body language will also give us clues into what our cats want. But their most important form of communication is reflected in their ability to send messages telepathically. Some cats are better at this than others but equally important is our receptiveness to such information. We all know how Kitty can get his point across when he wants to. Now learn what you can do to facilitate greater sensitivity to what it is your cat has to say.

Mercury in Taurus:

 Pleasant and sociable, Kitty would prefer to talk using his body to get your attention. Although having a very melodious voice when communicating, Kitty prefers the silent treatment. He knows that just lying there looking beautiful will win him enough attention and an occasional treat or two. Tired after short spurts of play, Kitty much prefers lounging around the house to scrounging the neighborhood for prey. Although fond of food, Kitty can be motivated in other ways. He may even appreciate music or you singing to him sometimes. Don’t be surprised if he joins in. Kitty can be more stubborn than any other cat you own. Once Kitty makes up his mind to do something he will continue to do it until good and ready to stop.

Mercury in the 8th house:

 A psychic gem of sorts, Kitty will soon find his way right into your heart and soul. Kitty likes to spend time away in a secret place. It could be hours or days until you see him return. He just doesn’t understand why you’re not more receptive to messages that he sends. Kitty may divide his time between a place of his own and your home. He may have come to you after someone else left him behind or in your care. Now he owns you and lets you know it.

Mercury Conjunct Sun:

Kitty’s appearance and presentation says it all. Smarter than your average feline, Kitty meets you eye for eye with any thought you may try to communicate. He understands you and knows exactly what you want of him. This does not mean that he will adhere to that, but if he wanted to, he could. Kitty likes to teach you a few tricks making you reconsider how you view cats. This can only be met with mutual respect when you consider how fast and easily Kitty has trained you. You’ll be wishing you could use telepathy more often to shut this putty tat up. Explain to Kitty that you need sleep too, and can’t be on call 24 hours a day. He may be a little more gentle with wake up calls.

Mercury Conjunct Moon:

 More tuned to your psyche than most. This perhaps is one of the most sensitive cats you’ve ever owned. Don’t raise your voice to Kitty or you’ll be setting him up for a week of digestive disturbance. He is not fond of loud noises or disruption in home life. Communication without words provides the special understanding that only human and feline can share.

Mercury Conjunct Venus:

 Quite a cheerful companion your Kitty is. This wonderful happy cat can be very persuasive in winning his way into your heart. Attractive to the eye and with a voice most singers would envy, Kitty enjoys when you read or sing to him. The affectionate sounds you make for Kitty is enough to make his day special.

Mercury Square Neptune:

Kitty’s imagination works overtime trying to discover demons that aren’t there. Although never abused, Kitty may still act skittish and shy from strangers. You’re lucky if he lets you touch him. Any previous deception is recalled, giving Kitty a mistrusting personality. You will have to earn respect from this feline before any relationship can be formed.

 Venus shows us how sociable Kitty can be. It gives us a clue as to what he is attracted to. This can range from inanimate objects to objects of desire. Venus exerts an energy that attracts you and others to Kitty like a magnet. How your feline returns this affection is revealed by Venus. Venus can determine whether Kitty has a pleasant disposition or is of a less affectionate nature.

Venus in Taurus:

Kitty loves anyone who offers food or treats. A true lover of luxury, Kitty somehow realizes that his beauty will attract you to him. With a very friendly and sociable disposition, Kitty is loved by all. Not many can resist this beautiful feline. He wins compliments and prizes from any contest he enters. To accompany those fine looks Kitty has a meow like no other. When he is content, the sounds he emits can be very melodious. Kitty likes music and may even enjoy your voice as well.

Venus in the 8th house:

 A love of the unknown could get Kitty in lots of trouble. Often seen searching under dark damp porches or cellars, Kitty has a sharp investigative ability. There isn’t a square inch of your property that he hasn’t investigated. There may be a few even you don’t know about, where Kitty decides to hide a few secrets of his own. A sock or mitten or maybe a carcass or two – there is no limit to what might be held there. Best to leave a few secrets untold and allow Kitty to keep his private spot.

Venus Conjunct Moon:

A truly affectionate cat that gives more than it gets, no questions asked, Kitty always needs the soft touch of your hand to caress him. Sympathetic to your every whim, Kitty will be there for you through thick and thin. A great comfort can be felt when Kitty sits on your lap. Sensing when you need him, he arrives at your side just in time.

Venus Conjunct Mercury:

 You look forward to hearing Kitty’s voice every morning. The melodious tune that he belts out is something you find both attractive and amusing. A brilliant communicator, Kitty can gracefully let you know things with just a swirl of his tail and curl of a whisker. A cheerful companion for life, Kitty possesses an enthusiasm not easily avoided. His zest for life is plain to see.

Venus Square Neptune:

 Kitty may have come to you after losing his previous owner, or it may be his own lifetime cat partner that he grieves for. His mournful eyes make you aware of what sorrow looks like. Help this sensitive feline to heal by offering the love and attention he deserves. Don’t wait for him to reach out for affection; you may have to be the aggressor and coax him to your side by gentle words. Play his favorite music.

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