Gemini / Rat- East Meets West – Chinese Astrology

Gemini / Rat- East Meets West – Chinese Astrology
Quick Wittedness-Impatience- Nervousness-Appeal-Perspicacity-Glibness-Influence-Verbosity-Flexibility-Inconstancy-Acquisitiveness-Thrift-Versatility-Self-Deception-Thirst for Power-Sociability-Performance-Superficiality-Intellectual Skill-Guile-Dexterity-Indecisiveness-Charisma-Meddling

” I think” Air, Mercury, Mutable

“I rule” Positive Water, Yin

A shooting star of infinite denius and practically no end of tales to tell, your average Gemini/Rat flits amicably around the room at any and all gatherings, charming and bright, delighted and delightful Catch me if you can.
And the fact is you can, but you must first discover Gemini/Rat’s secret password. The key to the Gemini/Rat’s most guarded intimacy is “I”. This character observes the world through an almost impenetrable haze of ego.

Geminis born in Rat years blend the flittery-fluttery Gemini spirit with the Rat’s excessive nervousness. Both signs thrive on motion. Just think of it! A butterfly with a jet engine inside, moving all the time, busy at applying talents he doesn’t even know he has.

The Gemini/Rat is a generous person. He likes to give away anything and everything. He wants to make people laugh and cry or in any case react to him, and respond to his dynamism and admire his marvellous ways. He’s a born doer and always feels that whatever he has created or earned can be replaced. Gemini?Rat knows instinctively that their will always be another novelty waiting in line inside his head.

Perseverance is another pair of socks altogether. Gemini/Rats can only really learn to stick to a single place or longterm chore if there is the absolute certainty of gain. For money, this Rat will perform nightly at the same spot. But don’t forget to give him top billing. If suitably rewarded, he’ll stay on for as long as the show can run.

There is a whimsicality about the Gemini/Rat that lightens sometimes the heavy atmosphere that surrounds other Rat characters. Geminis love to show off. The Rat Gemini is no exception and because he is at the same time active in the extreme and full of Rat drive, he is capable of great theatrcality. His sales acumen is such that he might sell stray dogs to the ASPCA.
Where Gemini/Rats are long on dazzle, they are acutely short on decision-making. They’re never really sure if if they want to do this or that.

“Well, maybe, I’ll see what’s going on when Tuesday rolls around. I’ll call you. No, look, I’ll think about it. I’m not really all that sure…” and on and on. Gemini/Rats are just plain capricious.
The solution to this personality’s major dilemma is for him or her to find the right partner who knows just how much rope to issue every morning so that this nutcase doesn’t go aand hang him-or herself during the day. A nice, solid sort who knows how tom put his or her own ego in a back pocket, allow the Gemini/Rat to zip around basking in his or her own ego and stil rein in the little darling when night falls. This person is a handful and a half. But woth it.

Inconstancy is a Gemini fault. The Rat brings skill, a desire to “make it” in the world and to earn power as well as silver and applause.Though steadiness is not innate in this subject, it can be learned. If a Gemini/Rat needs his mate to assist him or her toward the power/money goal, the relationship is likely to go a long way.

Beware of Gemini/Rat sedution routines. These folks will say absolutely anything to beguile. From the jump they want control. It’s never a heavy or ponderous sort of domination. Rather, the Gemini/Rat controls by whim. He wants to be taken to the theater on his birthday. But no. Perhaps he’d rather take flying lessons. It’s uncertainties like this that can baffle an unsuspecting partner and eventually lead to annihilation of confidence.

If you love one of these restless people, give the Gemini/Rat plenty of space in which to play at being “me.” Take up one or more outside activities. Go bowling teach yourself how not to cling. Cloying sentimentality drives Gemini/Rat to distraction. He may not mind having a loving and admiring full-time partner, But he or she will despise being leaned on.


There’s an Aries, Leo, Libra, or Aquarius in your future. Make sure you choose him or her from among the Dragon or Monkey crew. Don’t hang around with Virgo, Scorpio, Sagittarius or Pisces/Cats. You don’t seem to think alike. Erase Horses from your mind althogether, and prefer the solid Aries/Ox or, for some diversion, why not invite a Libra/Tiger to lunch?


This person will live in comfortable surroundings, but he or she will not necessarily be the one who designed them. Most certainly Gemini/Rat will not have stiched up the draperies or painted the baseboards by hand. Gemini/Rat is the ideal man in all his pursuits.

Gemini/Rat will depend largely on his mate to raise the children. He is not the type of self-sacrificing angel who struggled to get custody and then deprives himself his whole life long just to raise his kids on his own.

The main thrust of the Gemini/Rat parent-child rapport will be what the old Gemini/Rat parent can teach to offspring and how much he can amuse them, cajoling them with sales talks on early bedtimes and fun methods of eating their spinach. The Gemini/Rat, likem all Rat parents, will be protective of family members and the family name.

As a kid this person will be tremendous fun to have around, always smiling and gurgling, even from the start. As long as you lay on the attention, Gemini/Rat babies will chortle their way to adulthood without a single sulk. But woe unto the busy parent who hasn’t time for junior.

This kid will think up myriad ways to get attention-and keep it. Watch out for hypochondria and trumped-up excuses. This child needs lots of affection and a firm hand.


The talents of this character lie in his ability to communicate. Gemini/Rats are monsters of perspicacity and quick wittedness. Their ability to see a situation is their special individual streak of genius. I cannot say your average Gemini/Rat has tenacity because he doesn’t. One big weakness in this person’s makeup is his tendency to blame others for waht he does wrong or bungles.

As a boss, this person is too easygoing. He’ll let his employees get away with too much. But because like all Rats he’s a Rat first and a Gemini second, this person will know enough to associate himself with steadier people than he. Gemini/Rats usually succeed through a sound partnership. As an employee, this person will be hard to handle, detached,lighthearted. No amount of yelling and screaming will change that. Gemini/Rats hate taking orders.

Jobs that suit this person are: politician, TV producer, realtor, ad person, entrepreneur, actor or actress, tour guide or chef.

Famous Gemini/Rats: Thomas Hardy, John Cheever, Mary Mcarthy.

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