Gemini – Virgo – Sagittarius – Pisces

Also known as ‘Common’ signs – on account of their role as a bridge between the Fixed and Cardinal signs – the Mutable signs are the ‘chameleons’ of the zodiac, for whom adaptability is a byword.

Where the Fixed signs resist change, the Mutable signs positively embrace; where the Cardinal signs lose interest in their vision, the Mutable signs are capable of injecting fresh life into it.

Resourceful, versatile and usually extremely flexible, these signs are viewed as genuine all-rounders.

As with the other qualities, each Mutable sign is shaped by its own Element. Gemini reveals its mutability through constantly adapting its understanding of the world to accomodate new ideas (Air);

Virgo is always fine-tuning its awareness of how the material world works to make itself more effective (Earth);

Sagittarius seems to slake its thirst for meaning through exploration of one kind or another (Fire); while Pisces seeks to adjust itself to the ever-changing emotional influences within and around it (Water).

Too much mutability, however, creates instability, and people with a surplus of Mutable signs in their charts tend to dissipate their energies through a scatter-gun approach to life.

These types are essentially restless spirits who need a sense of direction in order to translate their many talents into concrete achievements.

On the other hand, a lack of Mutable signs indicates people who find it hard to adapt to the inevitable changes that life throws at them. As a result, they can be narrow-minded, inflexible and unappreciative of the natural resources at their disposal.

Reference: The Instant Astrologer: Felix Lyle & Bryan Aspland