Diamond the hardest substance on earth is often preferred by ladies for beauty, status and jewellery purposes. Tinsel of diamond is so hypnotic that no one is spared by the magic of diamond. However, astrologically diamond is not a much preferred gem unless specified. Diamond ruled by Venus often benefits the wearer pretty fast if Venus is well placed in the chart. Diamond should be of good quality. The three essentials of good quality are colour, cut and clarity.

A Few General Indications of Diamond

Facilitates marital happiness for ladies
Enhances talent and success in art. drawing, theatre and movies
Enhances interest in sexual acts and also increases performance
Provides success in courts, litigation, etc
Increases longevity and general financial prosperity
It also acts as nutritious pacifier for several dosha and may cure many ailments
Effective in facial paralysis, pneumonia, bronchitis, diabetes and gynaecological disorders
Enhances sincerity in love and devotion towards spouse
NB: It is never worn on Poorima or prathami after Amavasya. Shuklapaksha, Saptmi, Dasami, tryodasi are beneficial.

Universal Indications of Wearing Diamond
Taurus and Libra Lagna
Being a benefic Venus situated in Virgo sign
Being a benefic Venus is retrograde and situated in Taurus, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Sagittarius and Capricorn signs
Benefic Venus afflicted by Rahu, Sun and /or mars or combusted.

Gem Therapy Diseases
As such role of diamond in various ailments is very limited. Some of the indications are mentioned above. Zircon or American Diamond and white sapphire are frequently used substitutes for diamond. They have approximately same effectiveness but the associated taboo of diamond and side effects are much less.

Diamond for Various Ascendants
Aries. Lord of 2nd and 7th houses Venus becomes maraka. It is not yogi anywhere. Its affliction is good for this lagna. The lagnesh is a great enemy of Venus. Diamond is not recommended as such. If Venus is situated in its own house and running period is also the same, one may carefully use a diamond.

Taurus: Venus the lagnesh, becomes Yogi in the star of Mercury or Venus. Placing of Venus and Mercury in ascendant + Jupiter in 7th or Venus +Mars in Lagana and Jupiter in 9th brings yoga. Moon + Venus in 6th and Jupiter and Mercury in 11th also cause yoga like conditions. To bring overall prosperity they may wear diamond along with Emerald. However, as its lord of 6th and mooltrikona rashi of Venus is in 6th the use of diamond is questionable.

Gemini: Venus lord of 5th and 12th houses becomes yogi in the star of Mercury or Jupiter. venus when situated in 2nd along with Moon and Mars creates yoga. Lord of trikona Venus is benefic and also a friend of lagnesh, Wearing diamond is auspicious and may bring blessings of children, general happiness, name, fame, etc. situation of Venus in its own house and running own period further suggests use of diamond along with emerald.

Cancer: Lord of Kendra house, a natural benefic Venus becomes malefic. Its placing is in the star of Jupiter and may make it yogi.Venus in 2nd and 12th house is the best possible position. However, placing in own sign is also good. When along with Mercury in 5th it is a yogi creating condition. But on the whole the diamond is not suggested for them.

Leo: Lord of 3rd and 10th, again becomes malefic as it is a kendra lord which is a natural benefic. Placing of Venus in 3rd is good but when it is in 10th it is considered malefic, though its own sign. (Ref. Bhavarth Ratnakar) This phenomenon is highly observed by the author in practical life and is mind blowing as being a malefic, Venus when situated in its own sign has to potentiate traits of house but it does not occur! We do not recommend use of diamond for these natives except in a few rare indications.

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Reference: Gem Therapy in Vedic Astrology: Dr.Neeraji Lalwani