Pisces – February 19 – March 20


Pisces at a glance

Symbol:The Fishes-Core Meaning:To Transcend-Ruler:Neptune; co-ruled by Jupiter-Quality: Mutable-Polarity:Negative-Colour:Aquamarine-Parts of the Body: Feet, Toes, Lympathic system, Pituitary gland.

Nearing full circle, the zodiac’s wheel arrives at Pisces, the fish. Those born under this sign inhaabit the zodiac’s twelfth house of the ego’s reunion with the infinite, the eternal. Pisces is said to be the most sensitive of signs-and the most vulnerable. Pisceans swim in the medium of dreams. Pisce’s glypth shows two fish, hooked together by swimming in opposite directions. The image is a metaphor for the Piscean character. One part of it swims wide, towards the edge of the universe, while the other dives deep, seeking some mystical substratum to reality. Ideally there is a rhythm to the journeys: The fish reunite and share their discoveries before setting out again on their seperate missions. Lacking the rhythm, however, the metaphor signifies unbalanced extremes: the voyager wandering aimlessly and the unhappy introvert deep in the abyss.

The fish as cosmological voyagers are exemplified by some of history’s great students of the universe-Copernicus, Gallileo, Albert Einstein. Einstein was, perhaps, Pisces at its most evolved-a complete human being, scientist and mystic, who joined intuition to rationality. But not all Pisceans are so comfortable in the cosmos. Some are sensitive to the point of hypersensitivity-even, astrologers say, to the point of being psychic. (Edgar Cayce, the most famous psychic of the twentieth century shackles, was a piscean.)

Piscean minds are so receptive that as children Pisceans may have trouble distingushing their own thoughts from those of others. This confusion can spur a headlong retreat from reality as Pisceans seek to escape the clamouring mental static. They may then become withdrawn, submissive, anxious, and disorganized.

When it does not run to extremes, however, Piscean intuition is strong and redemptive, endowing the individual with intellectual and artistic gifts. On a larger scale, it instills profound understanding and compassion. And Pisceans are in touch with what the culture has forgotten or repressed-the magical, irrational world of unconscious longing and subterranean dreams. Pisceans have the ability to retrieve the dreams from the depths and the return them to consciousness reavealing a cosmic unity that alleviates human alienation.

The Fish are the sign of wholeness. On thezodiacal wheel they lie opposite Virgoans, with their concern for minutiae. Unlike them, Pisceans are gifted with the ability to see the cosmos as a grand and meaningful design. Ironically, they may have trouble fitting into the external world. If certain negative aspects afflict their birth charts, they are prone to childishness, dreaminess, fear of responsibility, and feelings of discontent and victimization. Free of negative influences, however, they are cheerful and sensual and quitely appreciative of life’s pleasures.

Romantic plays a large part in their lives. Romantic composer Maurice Ravel was a Piscean, as was master balladeer Nat King Cole. In love, Pisceans frequently act out their yearning for absolutes and perfection. Pisceans are above all visionaries; they often find it hard to live in the present or to interact with people less spiritually inclined than they. Many Fish have an acquite tendency toward self-denial-and sometimes an almost messianic need to save. Indeed, they may be driven to share their spirituality- to save souls, for instance, whether the souls involved want salvation or not. Pisceans thus inclined would be wise to learn to impart their mystical vision of awe and wonder without forcing it on happiness friends. The Fish mark the end of the progression of the zodiac from birth (Aries) to reunification with God or the cosmos, which astrologers liken to the sea.

Reference: Mysteries of the Unknown.