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 Uranus demonstrates genius and intuitive abilities. Kitty’s independence is strongly influenced by where Uranus falls in his chart. This is where Kitty’s talents lie – waiting for you to discover them by subtle communication.

Uranus in Aquarius:

Kitty’s finely tuned senses allow him to receive mental messages easily and use them to his advantage. Kitty’s unselfish devotion to his friends and family is worth mention. He is willing to give up his time and energy to care and groom those in need. Food is given in loving anticipation of acceptance; Kitty may even leave you a few tasty morsels for consumption. Reward him highly with praise and affection. Because of Kitty’s unselfish giving, he is often rewarded in life with many blessings to sustain him. A guardian angel resides on Kitty’s shoulder.

Uranus in the 5th house:

Kitty’s favorite perch is on top of your computer. A lover of video and computer games, he can often be found trying to paw the screen. Music can be relaxing and soothing to Kitty’s soul. He is known to take more than a few risks, so it will be hard putting any restraints on Kitty. With an unusual attraction to odd or eccentric creatures, Kitty may decide to adopt a few to pal around with. Drawn to different species, Kitty can often be seen with the local horse or raccoon in the neighborhood.

Uranus Square Saturn:

 Kitty’s temper may surprise you when a sudden attack on your foot or some piece of clothing brings you to attention. Boredom is a large factor in these displays – try to provide Kitty with adequate attention and entertainment or you may be witness to more than one attempt to startle you. Even then, Kitty may enjoy striking out at you, not to harm you, just to get a reaction. Hiding behind closed doors or corners, a pounce or two away from scaring you, Kitty will find this amusing. He is always trying to top his last attempt to amaze you; Kitty can be very inventive. Routine will not be something Kitty will adhere to. The challenge of change will keep Kitty amused through life and hopefully will be enough for him to quit playing pranks on you. Try to outwit Kitty by rearranging furniture often and adding new decorations for him to admire and scent.


 Neptune shows you where and how Kitty spends his spare time. Where does Kitty’s imagination take him when you are not there? Does he have a favorite escape that you are unaware of? What fantasy truly inspires Kitty and sends him to nirvana? Kitty returns here often when stressed, or just for fun. Neptune shows where he can achieve the same sensation with a little help from you.

Neptune in Aquarius:

 Kitty is far too ahead of his time to be appreciated. He is totally independent and it may be difficulty to curb some of Kitty’s original ideas. Popular with many other animals, Kitty shows them all new tricks to make life more interesting. Kitty can be very animated and original in his displays for attention. Provide the opportunity for Kitty to visit with other animals of his choosing. Always the life of the party, Kitty dreams of having a house full of friendly animals he can play with.

Neptune in the 5th house:

 Kitty surprises you when you find a litter of kittens under your porch. Not knowing where they might have come from, you realize how happy Kitty is in their presence, watching over them and resorting to kitten-like behavior; the newcomers take to Kitty immediately. Kitty will always be attracted to the youngsters in the household. These may include your children as well as other animals. Bliss is watching over a new batch of kittens all licked clean and sleeping.

Neptune Square Moon:

 Kitty is often dominated by the powers that be, such as another animal in your house or just fear itself. He is sensitive to an extreme and his abilities can cause him to appear nervous or restless. Use the sounds of water to calm him and allow Kitty secret passage.

Neptune Square Mercury:

 Kitty may have difficulty placing trust in you. It’s not because of not knowing how to, but for fear of rejection that he holds back. Kitty may have lost someone very dear to him in the past and ended up in confinement until you saved him. There, Kitty got lost among many and was not always treated well or even acknowledged. Kitty’s choices often brought him the wrong kinds of attention which certainly affects his response now.

Neptune Square Venus:

Kitty just doesn’t seem to fit in with the rest of the crowd. His restless and chaotic movements may be caused by his desire to be noticed. This may often be frustrated by an inability to fit in or make his needs known.

 Pluto is where Kitty finds release from those powers that bind him. Old conditions that are no longer useful are eliminated. Obsessive or compulsive behavior that needs to be eliminated or changed will be here. Pluto forces Kitty to deal with it. Pluto shows him how to transform for better or worse, and you may be the most likely Pluto character in Kitty’s chart. An awareness that nothing is permanent helps Kitty accept the challenge that loss has brought him to where he is. Kitty will find many new beginnings where Pluto falls in his chart. A constant renewal and regeneration awaits him there. Although not usually very malleable, Kitty learns that this is where he must change to continue as planned. Kitty soon sees that change can be good when he senses the improvement in your acceptance of him.

Pluto in Sagittarius:

Kitty teaches all the other animals in the house how to behave. His unique understanding makes him a step above all others. A traveler by nature, Kitty has been known to give up all to travel beyond his home environment. It is through these journeys that Kitty learns things he can bring back to teach others. Looking for love in all the wrong places can be Kitty’s motive.

Pluto in the 3rd house:

Kitty loves to travel to places of unknown origin, often breaking earlier ties with siblings or his human family to do so. A desire to communicate with everyone has Kitty learning lessons the hard way. Not all other animals are created the same way he is, and he will have to learn to decipher the differences quickly. Despite some initial setbacks, Kitty’s sense of humor can be displayed by how he communicates, getting your attention in ways that are quite unique for the average kitty cat.

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