The Fifth House

Creative Instincts – The Urge To Express Ourselves Spontaneously – Affairs Of The Heart – Speculative Ventures – Children – leisure Activities – Play And Games

The Fifth House At A Glance
House Classification: Fixed
Opposite House: Eleventh
Natural Ruler: The Sun
Natural Sign : Leo
Core Meaning: Developing creative self-expression
Outer Meanings: Love affairs, Leisure activities, Children

Emerging from the fetid darkness of the fourth house, we enter the imaginative realm of the fifth. Tradition ally this house includes such disparate activities as creativity, games, gambling, pleasures, children and love.

However none of these descriptions really touches the essence of this house’s meaning., which is to play. This is not play in the sense that we commonly understand it – an escape from the responsibilities of the outside world. It is the productive play of free association . Of active imagination, that enables us to express the c ore of our being and discover who we truly are.

In many ways the fifth house corresponds to the child within us daring to venture, win or fail, in order to discover what life throws back – hence this house’s association with gambling. This house therefore holds the key to build b ridges between our inner universe and the outer world and the pleasure we derive from creative self-expression by engaging ourselves in what we are doing with our total being – simply for the love of it.

As adults, perhaps the most natural form of self expression is love – another fifth house affair – for whereas children love to play, adults love to love. An d it is when we are in love that we feel most complete, most in touch with ourselves – often with a childlike sense of wonderment. Finally, the drive to play finds its release through the adult’s love of children, and the fifth house has much to say about how we relate to children in general, but especially our own.

Planet in the Fifth House:
Planets in this house describe how creative energy is released. With most planets, the emphasis will tend to be on a wealth of ideas, as well as strong ‘pleasure principle, but with the heavy weight planets such as Saturn and Pluto, there can be intensity of expression that is ill at ease with the symbolism of this house:

Reference: The Instant Astrologer: Felix Lyle- Bryan Aspland