Year of the Rat-2020-Chinese Astrology

Rat is Yin. Rat is the first sign of the Chinese horoscope
Rats have the following characteristics: Appeal-Social- Influence-Intellectual Skill-Thrift-Charisma
Rat sins may include: Nervousness-Thirst for Power-Verbosity-Guile-Acquisitiveness-Meddling

Chinese astrology, like the rest of life, is really just another rat race. According to legend, many many years ago Buddha summoned all the animals of the kingdom to his side. Only twelve showed up and the Rat was the first. To compensate the dozen animals who answered Buddha’s behest, their leader awarded one year of the Chinese calendar to each. As the rat had won the race, he got to have his name on the first year out of twelve.

How Buddha classed the rest of the animals I don’t know, except that they fall in this order: Ox, Tiger, Cat, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Goat, Monkey, Rooster, Dog, Pig, following the Rat. Each gives his name to a year. Whenever I inform people that this astrological sign is the Rat, they squiggle up their little snout in disgust. “Ugh!” They don’t want to be Rats. They’d rather be something less revolting. A hummingbird? A hamster? Let’s face it. Rats don’t have a very elegant reputation in our occidental urbanized society.But think for a moment of the clever farm rat. It is this rat, the collector, the deft and admirable country rat, whom Buddha honored. This rural rat is, to this day, an amazing scrounger for food, finder of places to nest and procreator par excellence. For the purpose of these pages, let’s put aside our based image of the city rat and concentrate on his country cousin.


The key words I always use for the Rat people are “charm” and “aggressiveness.” you’ll never meet an unattractive rat. Nor will you find a Rat person who does not seek to achieve and succeed, stand out from the crowd and even assume power over others. Rats are movers and drivers. They are born with leadership qualities and a hefty measure of guile. The rat’s ends frequently justify his means. Rat people usually appear calm and at ease in company. They’re talkative (to a fault sometimes) and make pleasant conversationalists. But take a closer look. The rat has a rubber band in his hand which he incessantly snaps back and forth between two fingers. The Rat woman keeps jiggling the fastner on her handbag. Rats only seem tranquil. Inside they are nuclear reactors of nerves that bubble and twist, but never-or rarely-explode.

Rats are stassshers of food and have a well-developed sense of economy. They know where their money goes and for which frivolities they are willing to spend lavishly. Parties and gatherings of all sorts please the Rat. In fact, any chance of communicate with others is seen as a joyful occasion. Rats love-no, need-to talk. If Rats have problems, they talk them through. If they are depressed, they blab it out. If they lose a lover, they can only cure themselves of heartbreak by exposing the whole gory story until the listner’s ears are red from hearing and the Rat has emptied his soul of despondency. If you have a gabby Rat pal, keep yoiur Walkman handy and turn up the volume.

if you are loved by a Rat, consider yourself lucky. Rats will defend and spoil the people they love without hesitation. Ousiders don’t count. The rat wants to be surrounded with those who like and admire him. He will lavish presents on them and feed them all till they burst from admiration. Companionship is the Rat’s idea of contentment.

Rats are not infrequently found dabbling in other peoples’ lives. They enjoy a facility for getting involved with friends and neighbopurs. Rats are not quite busybodies, but almost. They love to be engaged in the running of some committee or the administration of a board of directors. Rats will not volunteer to be on the cleanup committee. No, it’s power they are after-power and influence and lots of big old-fashioned kudos.

Reference: The New Astrology: Suzanne White

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