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The desire to discover what the future holds is innate in humankind, as they are curious by nature. This has led mankind over the centuries, to devise a great variety of techniques to aid them in their search for arcane knowledge. Yet, whatever method is employed, no matter what approach the enquirer takes to the subject, divination is a means of gaining access to the supernormal. it is, by definition, a way of acquiring insight, both to the true of mankind and the universe as a whole.

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Divination, in one form or another, has been practiced by all cultures and civilisations throughout history. Every society has had its prophet, seer, soothsayer, wiseman or woman, shaman, high priest or priestess, magician, and so on: The title bestowed may have differed according to the time and culture yet the function of such individuals was the same: to advise and guide the community in which they lived in the light of their special knowledge, their ability to read the signs and interpret them accurately.

Nowadays we would probably call such people clairvoyants, mediums, sensitives or psychics, yet their role remains unchanged except that their guidance is more often sought by individuals than by groups, for divination is still prevalent today in every country in the world. The methods used may vary little from those practiced centuries ago, others have been adapted or developed to such an extent through the ages that their origins are barely recognizable.

The 20th century business person who rolls dice or tosses a coin before making a decision would probably be surprised to learn that he or she was performing an identical act to that of the tribal shaman who consulted his fortune-bones, yet this is so. Similarly, our ancient forefathers who built monolithic constructs such as Stonehenge were as much concerned with the interrelationship between the heavenly bodies and events on Earth as in the modern astrologer who calculates a birth chart using a computer. No matter how simple or sophisticated the technique used may be, the underlying purpose of divination remains the same: to uncover hidden truths.

May your voyage of discovery be an enjoyable one.

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