Vedic Gemstone Guide

How Gems Work

Gems have their own significance in human life. From times unknown they have been favored by royalty, astrologers and the general population. They are not only meant to enhance beauty but also have scientific usefulness in human destiny. Impact of gems and their benefic usefulness in day-to-day life is well recognized in the field of Hindu astrology.

They are used to strengthen the weak configuration of benefic planets. The forces beyond control send their signal to lead individuals accordingly. By using gems we may grasp their maximum benefic influences. The natal horoscope throws light on every aspect of life. If any planet is afflicted or weak, all matters pertaining to it in an individual have to suffer.

Cats eye
Gomedha and Cat's eye. Rahu rules Gomeda and Ketu rules cat's eye.
Blue Sapphire
Blue Sapphire -Neelam
The three essentials of good quality are, colour, cut and clarity.

We have very few planets to support our affairs and unfortunately if they are weak our lives will be full of miseries. Gems are a perennial source of specific rays; they absorb a particular wavelength when exposed to radiation or cosmic rays. The Rays absorbed when taken into the body are supposed to provide specific signals from the sources beyond, In a nut-shell by wearing an appropriate gem one can get its deficient energy.

Mercury the ruler of intelligence rules Emerald or Panna.
Gemstone Hessonite Lord Mahavishnu as Ananth and Hari
Pearl or Moti is ruled by the Moon, the cool calming planet of Hindu astrology.

An Introduction of Gems

There are many gems available, those that are either precious or semiprecious according to their cost. In the Vedic astrology only nine major gems are taken as primary or major gemstones and they are known as Navratans. They include ruby, Pearl, Red Coral, Emerald, Yellow Sapphire, Diamond, Blue Sapphire, Hessonite and Cat’s Eye. Every gemstone is ruled by a major planet mentioned in Hindu astrology .

Red Coral
Moonga or Red coral is a gem bestowed with benefic influences of Mars. It provides vitality, vigour and stamina.
Ruby or Manak is a precious gemstone ruled by rajasik planet Sun.
Yellow Sapphire
Pukhraj or Pushprag or yellow sapphire is used for getting the benevolent blessings of Jupiter.

The wavelengths absorbed by the gemstone is mainly determined by specific gravity and refractive index. These physical properties also decide whether the gem is real or fake.

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