Aquarius/Rat-Chinese Astrology

Vision-Eccentricity-Nervousness-Appeal-Originality-Separateness-Influence-Verbosity-Charity-Neurosis-Acquisitiveness-Thrift-Tolerance-Disobedience-Thirst for Power-Sociability-Independence-thoughtlessness-Intellectual Skill-Guile-Individuality-Cruelty-Charisma.

“I know” Air, Saturn/Uranus, Fixed – “I rule” Positive Water, Yin

“Onward and upward”! should be the motto of this completely idealistic and experimental character. Aquarius the individualist married to the agressive an d charming Rat character affords us a being of immense personal magnetism and derring-do. On the other hand, the Aquarian born Rat seeks to accumulate material possessions.

On the other, This person cares less about tangibles than I do about Eskimo fertility rites. He’s a bohemian with a bourgeois streak. A hippie sophisticate. He wants to be free and unencumbered. But he cannot stand to be alone. He wants to ride a black stallion on the beach in the wind, but he’s not mad about horses. A contradictory nature full of excellent intentions causes the Aquarius/Rat to somersault through life, always talking, rarely listening.

Aquarians want to be different. They have vision and are tolerant. Rats have lots of personal appeal and long to wield power. of course, in this duo, the Rat is neutralized by the altruistic Aquarian, who tells him to get his mitts off the power switch until such time as man will love man and no wars will be fought. The effect is startling. Real force emanates from within this person. Watch him try to take over the reins is a given situation. He can strike a deal, even a slightly shady deal. Then, suddenly out of nowhere, he may back down. Under the influence of Aquarius, the Rat’s cupidity defiates. Good-bye, trickery. hello, freedom and love.

As the Aquarius/Rat thinks he wants to see around corners toward a better world, he will frequently become involved in spiritual searches for truth and equilibrium. The Aquarian is first a thinker. The rat, too is cerebral. Both signs are a bit neurotic. So, rather than looking for stability on travel paths, they become easily attracted by the cosmic, the extrasensory and supernatural methods of mind control. Aquarian Rats are forever taking courses in ESP, est, Hatha, Mudra and Zen. They want to depart from the humdrum bourgeois living inside them. They long to find peace through spiritual enlightenment.

No matter the degree of clear thinking attained by this character, he or she is nonetheless always a Rat. Rats must cleave to the middle-class life. Rats are acquisitive and driven by a thirst for power. Aquarius may force the Rat to a clear mountain stream but he cannot make him drink. This essential disagreement causes further loss of security for our native.he makes rash moves and grows moody and distant. Emotions are not his favorite province, so how can he say he’s sorry? How can he adapt to the workaday world with its stringent and in human demands/Why is life so stultifyingly boring?

Well, as this offbeat subject will be the first to tell you, “The answer is blowing in the wind.” Trouble is, people never live up to the Aquarius/Rats high standards. He is often disappointed by the failure of group efforts and hurt by the selfishness of intimates. Yet he watches even himself fall short of the mark. Then he really desolate and confused Where did he go wrong? Although” application of derriere to seat of chair” is one of my stock bits of advice, I dare advance it here more particularly. Aquarian Rats must learn to slow down, to feel their way instead of trying to “think” their way, to sit still long enough for the lead to set between those ears. They mustn’t dabble in mind-altering substances or freaky movements unless there is a concentrate and earthbound reason to do so. Sailing off into space without a seatbelt is a very dangerous business.



As the Aquarius/Rat mixes fancy with charisma and neurosis with nervousness, you can imagine the trouble waters of emotion at work here. This person will be both attractive and vulnerable. The attractiveness shows. The vulnerability hides. His or her emotional needs will be best met by coupling with solid citizen types who are willing to tether their Aquarius/Rat firmly to earth. of course, square drudges hardly excite this rabid metaphysicist. It’s a dilemma.

If you love an Aquarius/Rat, don’t fence himor her in. But do tie your loved one down. I know this sounds contradictory. But think of Aquarius/Rats as morning-glories. For morning glories to thrive, their feet must be firmly planted in the shade and their heads constantly exposed to the brighest sunlight. That’s how you have to treat your Aquarius/Rat. Let him or her feel as free as a Montgofiere, but keep the lines drawn taut and don’t take any nonsense. Your Aquarius/Rat will love you all the more for caring.


Oxen like to be with you. They are inspired by your rapacity and swift dispatch. Choose an Ox from gemini, Libra, or Sagittarius if you want to be sure of compatibility. The same western astrological signs lend you their Dragons on a silver platter. This time it’s you doing the admiring. Aries, Libra and Sagittarius bestow Monkeys on your life-style.They too bring you joy-and good advice. Don’t be led down the aisle by Taurus, Leo or Scorpio/Horses, and get out of the way of Leo/Cats and Scorpio/Roosters.

Home and Family

Although erratic when flying loose in the world, the Aquarius/Rat somehow does not display this eccentricity at home. Here, in the privacy of his abode, the Aquarius/Rat decorates tastefully, simply and with a spareness that hints at his or her penchant for Oriental thought. Too much material wealth makes the Aquarius/Rat nervous. If he is a flashy or showy, it will be in his dress. At home, things will be kept simple and elegant.This person is a remarkably good parent. You see, kids have a tethering influence on Aquarius/Rats. For that security the Aquarius/Rat parent is grateful, and in his turn stretches the parental role as far as it will go. He or she gets very involved with kids’ activities and feelings.

The Aquarius/Rat discusses everything in greatest detail with his children, and imparts a world view of broad scope to his kids long before they are old enough to leave the nest. The Aquarius/Rat child is, mopst of all, interesting. he may be slightly daredevil and will surely be drawn to the unusual. Again, the role of intimates (in this case presents) is to focus the terrestrial aspect of this subject. Never allow his or her attraction to the other-wordly to overcome the attachment felt for family. The talented and intelligent Aquarius Rat child must be hitched to a solid post but never hobbled.


Of course, as for all Aquarians who struggle with the emotional side of life, work is health. If this sometimes cranky and irrepressible Rat subject is able to fix his or her attention on one professional passion, authentically ingenious projects can be realized. The Rat/Aquarian has such a unique perception and is so close to madness and extraterrestrial thought at all times that if these qualities are applied to earthly pursuits, the result is unbeatable. But watch that freaky side. This person can go bonkers in a wink if allowed to much leeway.

The Aquarius/Rat is a more of a creative than a bossy type. He or she will be glad to try to run an office or shop. But the result will never be spectacular-competent, but not fabulous. The same goes for employment. This person’s strength is in his or her individuality and personal approach to problems of at least cinemascopic proportions. Punching time clocks just won’t do.

NB: In Chinese Astrology, 2020 is the year of the Metal Rat.This begins a new astral cycle, dramatic choices take center stage this year, this year’s decisons will impact the next twelve years, be sure not to overtly hesitate this year, 2020 will of course, be influence by the Metal Rat traits, one of those being to be easily boredom yet also deeply passionate about what the Rat does believe in, so we will see all the signs exhibiting this somewhat.

Jealousy and a domineering nature are also set to take the stage this year, so watch out for this, in yourself and others. As metal symbolizes the harvest time in Chinese culture, this year, 2020, all signs are set to reap rewards of the previous year’s efforts.

It seems that 2020 is above all, ripe with financial opportunity. White and Green Blue are the lucky colours for 2020, combine these colours with Metals (gold, silver), enhances fluidity among the elements in your life. Beware of jealousy around you following your dreams. 2019 the year of the earth pig, was all about preparing, and now it is time to take action in 2020.

For Rats, African violets and lilies are lucky flowers, the south west, west and north west are rats luckiest directions

Wood Rats: These Rats are highly independent and love working with others

Fire Rats: These Rats have high energy and are more courageous than the other Rats, yet can be quite hard on themselves.

Earth Rats: These Rats are genuine and flexible with healthy self-esteem

Metal Rats: These Rats are fiercely jealous and highly talented.

Water Rats: These Rats are conservative and like to chatter. Some possible professions for the Aquarian Rat are: Politician, artist (all sorts), journalist, genius, designer.

Famous Aquarius/Rats: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Jules Verne, Adlai Steven son, Alan Alda, John Belushi, Jean-Jaques Servan Schreiber.

Reference: The New Astrology: Suzanne White