Capricorn/Cat – East-Meets West-Chinese Astrology

Capricorn/Cat – East-Meets West- Chinese Astrology.


“I use”. Earth-Saturn-Cardinal; “I retreat”. Negative-Wood-Yin

In this allow the cautious Cat blends with the prudent Capricorn and creates a person whose ambition is second only to his gift for success.

Endowed from the ouset with traits that drive him or her toward slow but sure prosperity, the Capricorn/Cat never makes an important decision rapidly, never leaps wildly into any plan or project, never dashes into relationships without running a marketing study on them first. This person possesses natural wisdom. He’s dynamic, vigorous and up-to-the-minute modern. but he’s only heedful of possible dangers, and can read a threat from miles away.

The personality of Capricorn born in cat years is pleasant. For a normally retiring Cat subject, this person is outgoing, extroverted. Nothing cheers up the Capricorn/Cat like the prospect of an evening spent at his place with friends, sitting around drinking and eating and having a jolly time.

He will put on the record of your choice and show you his latest photos. But he will never monopolize the conversation or attempt to wrench center stage away from anyone else.

It’s true about Cats born in Capricorn. They need comfort first. Before this person can feel that he or she belongs to the world, he must have a material bastion of some sort to protect him from the ouside, He doesn’t like to face dull reality head on. Moreover, he is too busy working on tactics and strategies, adding and subtracting andd figuring out his percentages, to take dull realities in hand.

He need protection from the day-to day, boring “get the car fixed, buy the groceries and tell me your sob stories” life. For this purpose, Capricorn/Cat usually surrrounds himself wwith people who will perform the dismal chores in order that he can get on with more important factors relative to his ascent to the summit of his profession.

Although Capricorn/Cat may well succeed so resondingly as to rise to the position of monarch, he or she will never be called the king of tact. our hero blurts out just exactly what nobody needs to hear at all the wrong moments.
“Hey! Where did you get that jagged scar?” or “did you notice how much weight you have gained?” Such remarks could alienate the best of friends. But that doesn’t happen with our slightly emptious Capricorn/Cat.

People enjoy this creature despite his occasional uncomfortable comments and his general clumsiness. The Capricorn/Cat has the endearing ability to laugh at himself, to poke fun at his own mistakes and to remain stable and sure of himself through it all. ” The Capricorn/Cat is altruistic and sentimental.

But he will not be the type to give away his shirt to charity. There is a nice balance in this characters approach to friendship.

Panic is a major emotion native to the Capricorn/Cat. He is not basically changeable nor flighty. So when confronted with the probability of a sudden shift or instant novelty, the adrenalin races him around in too many directions at once. Some say the Capricorn/Cat panics over nothing.

The Capricorn/Cat likes to sleep late in the morning, tends to be messy about the house, and is hopelessly nonmanual. The Capricorn is perhaps the most physically graceful of any.

A Capricorn born as in a Cat year will be cuddly and loving. But never in public. This person maintains a diginified surface and will not slobber over love affairs. Esentially, Capricorn/Cats are practical people. They will be attracted to mates who do things.

They admire the tangible and seek results in all areas of their lives. A Capricorn/Cat will hardly ever take up with someone for the sake of mere beauty or good looks. They are interested in involvement with the person’s self.
They are also fasinated by the exotic. and may well take up with someone utterly different, whose artistic or gypsylike approach amuses and astonishes the Capricorn/Cat.

If you love a Capricorn/Cat, propve yourself useful and creative in your own field. Show them what a “mensh” you are. Don’t shrink or be shy. The Capricorn/Cat recognizes skittishness as a fault he himself has had to overcome. He is not interested in what he already knows too well. Be your own person and think up ways to surprise the Capricorn/Cat. Helikes surprises. He hates to be bored.

Taurus, Leo, Virgo. Scorpio and Pisces/Dogs settle comfortably ino your refined life-style.

Taurus, Leo and Virgo/Pigs answer your need for wealth and culture.

Leo, Virgo and Pisces/Goats are capable of providing you with a gentle and creative partner.

To avoid conflict (and you do avoid it!) eschew the Gemini, Cancer and Libra/Rooster.

The Cancer and Libra/Rat don’t suit you at all. Nor does the Libra in its Tiger or Dragon form.

Home and Family
Home for the Capricorn/Cat should be both comfortable and personal. Ther is, in this ambitious, upwardly mobile person, a streak of snobbery.

How can I say this? Capricorn/Cats want to impress you. They will go out of their way to decorate their homes in a plush, almost lavishly comfortable manner. First of all, they want you to feel at ease.

But they also want you to notice that their sofa is made of finest Cordoba leather and that those candlesticks are real brass. impressive surroundings give the Capricorn/Cat confidence. He likes things to seem proper. I won’t say he’s bourgeoise, but almost.

The Capricorn/Cat parent wants a child who can live up to his personal self-image No whining or sniveling allowed. This person will provide handsomely and provide handsomely and give baby Alexander the best education available.

But woe unto the lazy child who does’nt perform in school, bring home good grades , or measure up to Mom or Dad Capricorn/Cat’s standards of virtue. The Capricorn/Cat wastes no time in making his or her position clear.”If you live here, you must do me proud. Otherwise–there’s the door.”

The Capricorn/Cat child is wiser than his years. He or she recognizes early on the necessity for paying attention to business. He or she will not take kindly to the interferring brand of parent.

Capricorn /Cats are secretive about their feelings and don’t appreciate meddling. This child will give a kind parent very little trouble. He wants to please and to fit in. He needs lots of comforts and will probably favor stuffed animals to live pets. The capricorn/Cat child id humble, yet sure of himself/herself.

You will not have to prod him to do what he likes doing. As for practicing the piano………..

Professions requiring a high degree of seriousness and an overdose of raw ambition will suit this character. Social acceptance is of paramount importance to the Capricorn/Cat. He doesn’t want to be connected with shady or even untoward or unsuitable deals.

Whatever goes on underneath the table will be considered taboo for discussion. The Capricorn/Cat wants no part of law suits or even fiscal audits. Mind you, should he have to entertain a tax inspector or two, all will prove to be in tiptoe shape. Capricorn/Cat may be messy about the house but you can be sure his papers are in order.

The subject born in Capricorn/Cat will make a sincere effort not to ruffle employees’ feathers by shouting or ranting orders at them,. This person operates best in a cooperative atmosphere and prefers that his workers smile.

As he applies himself to routine well and make great sacrifices to his goals, he has no time for subordinates who don’t give their all in both labor and devotion. This person won’t buck the system if he is employed bysomeone else. Sure, he or she will try by all acceptable means to find a way to regain a certain job independence.

But if they have to work for others, they know how to take orders and at least appear to toe the mark. Capricorn/Cats are born starved for success-personal and integral success. Nothing short of un mitigated professional fulfillment will satisfy theis craving.

Winner jobs will best suit our Capricorns born in Cat years. Entrepreneur, writer, leader, politician, negotiator for international relations, hotshot lawyer, franchise owner, executive officer of a bank, general, sports commissioner, president of a university.

Some Famous Capricorn:Cats:
Henry Miller, Joseph Stalin, Cary Grant, George Balanchine, Fritz Mondale, Judith Kranz.

Reference: The New Astrology – Suzanne White