The Pig-Chinese Horoscope

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Pig is Yin. Pig is the twelfth sign of the Chinese Horoscope

Pigs have the following characteristics: Scrupulousness-Voluptuousness-Gallantry-Culture-Sincerity-Honesty.

Pig sins may include: Credulity-Materialism-Wrath-Gourmandism-Hesitation-Pigheadedness.

Pig people can be awesome . They are strong and warm, loving and sensual, honest-and often rich. Of all the favors life as to offer, Pigs love luxury the best. They wallow in their comfort, which always shows off their impeccable taste. Give a pig a rotten, falling-down hut and he will transform it into a palace.

since pigs have to suffer many vicissitudes in their young lives, as adults they seek out security as a defense against hardships. They strive for safety, are not afraid of hard work and are moreover, despite their amazing credulity, shrewd. Pigs are pure of heart and lacking in guile. Even a hint that they might be guilty of an act of dishonesty worries them enormously. Pigs deal in a straight-ahead fashion-but deal they do.

Pigs crave culture and knowledge. Pigs are the people you see lurking about museums every day, all day, dragging their kith and kin to every exhibition and concert and ballet in town. Pigs are the type of people who endow symphony orchestras and set up trust funds to assist the local amateur theatre group. Philanthropic and significant, Pigs are not just anybody.

Most pigs I know eat too much. They love good food. They quest after all manner of goodies and in a pinch -because they are always hungry-may just be discovered ingesting forbidden junk food. It isn’t necessarily the quality of the food that counts with pigs. It’s the amount. As soon as they have finished lunch they start thinking about the snack they’ll be eating at tea time. If they diet, they are miserable and dream about the food they are missing. The result is many pig folks are chubby.

You won’t find many pigs in crime. Malefaction of all sorts makes Pigs extremely nervous. If you tell a Pig a story about someone who cheated on his income tax, you can literally watch him go pale at the thought. If a Pig is involved in any scandal or vimprobity, even unwittingly, it can erase him from the world of the sane. Pigs cannot tolerate chicanery. A parking ticket may be enough to make the average Pig person doubt his own virtue for weeks.

Pigs are not eloquent. They tend rather to lean toward taciturnity. They prefer country to city living. Although they are frequently successful in business and know how to defend themselves where material gain is concerned , in private Pigs have lots of trouble saying no. You can ask a Pig practically any favor and the answer will be, ” Of course. Why, sure. I’d be glad to invite a hundred people to my place for dinner because your refrigerator is on the blink.” Pigs are too nice. Other people take advantage of their giving nature.

However sweet the might be, Pigs do have one little fault. They fly into the most excessive and impressive rages you will ever see on this planet. For a long time everything goes along smoothly, the Pig is nodding his head “yes” all over the lot and you think he’s just the most pleasant and intelligent and warmhearted soul alive. Then, suddenly, the moment arrives when the Pig considers some arbitrary event the limit. What you think is a wounded moose bounding off your living room walls is just old Piggy having one of his moments. Head for the kitchen. Open the fridge and start throwing food his way. Food is the only cure I know for Pig fury.

Reference: The New Astrology: Suzanne White

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