The Metal Ox – 2021

Ox is Yin. Ox is the second sign of the Chinese horoscope

Oxen have the following characteristics
Integrity – Innovation – Strength of Purpose – Diligence – Stability – Eloquence

Ox sins may include
Stubbornness – Standoffishness – Bigotry – Bias – Plodding – Vindictiveness

Oxen are worker beasts. As the ox is in nature, so it remains in the symbolic horoscope, the creature who works hard, gets results and has little patience3 with those who don’t. Ox people are always most capable. They have fine imaginations for dreaming up new schemes and methods and can usually put them directly into practice.

So far, this Ox fellow sounds pretty nearly perfect, doesn’t he? Stable, hardworking, creative and practical. What more could a human being wish for? Well, how about a little flexibility? Some tenderness? A tad of fancy? Unfortunately, these are not the Ox’s strong points. Oxen, as their name implies, tend to be thick, heavy, slow and exasperatingly stubborn.

Mind you, Ox people don’t mean to be stodgy. Underneath the stolid spartan exterior lives a tiny giggling gnome who, when nobody is looking, sticks his nose into all kinds of mischief. As a release from their normal rigor, some Oxen have secret torrid affairs. Or else they write maudlin love poetry and take clandestine tango lessons. In any case there is always a twinkle in the steadfast Ox’s eye, a peephole to merriment.

The dense camouflage of austerity that the Oxen wears is very difficult to pierce. Rush up and embrace a strong, silent Ox and watch the trap door to jolliness slam shut with a bang. Ask the Ox to frolic through Cartier’s or Tiffany’s with you, pretending to be rich and asking to see thousands of diamond rings. The serious Ox will feel obligated to say “No”. He doesn’t understand silliness.

What if Tiffany’s discovered his true identity? The Ox would perish from embarrassment. Oxen are not only shy. They seek approval from their peers and do not balk if they receive public acclaim. On the contrary, Oxen work toward success. Through diligence and perseverance, they prove over and over again that they are worthy of their gains.
There have been some very powerful and dangerous Oxen leaders in the world.

Take, for example, Hitler, and Napoleon. How’s that for hard headed tyranny? Very little foolishness. No Jokes, Just plod and drudge and boss palaver. Eloquence is given to all Oxen. It’s funny – Oxen don’t talk much. But without speech training or acting lessons, the average Ox can spin you a yarn as long as the Mississippi. He or she will keep you riveted to your chair while recounting baby’s new tooth or describing the open heart surgery performed on grandmother last year. many famous writers are Oxen.

Overt tenderness is not a favorite pastime for Ox people. Your friend jane Ox will probably not be a “gusher”. No. Jane is reserved. She loves in a quite, stolid manner. She will invite you for tea and bake you cakes to show affection. But she’ll never shower you with kisses. oxen don’t show their emotions, yet they love with a kind of deep-burning ardor that natives of many other signs never imagined exists.

Oxen people are not outrageously sexual. They are not obligated to rabbit around from bed to bed in order to be happy or feel self-confident.

This ability to do without sex can prove a handicap in relationships where the other partner is extremely demonstrative and feels, because of the Ox’s standoffishness, that he is being rejected. Ox love affairs require a lot of patience. If you love an Ox, you must wait and woo and seduce.

Reference: The New Astrology: Two Great Astrological Systems: The Chinese and Western: Suzanne White