Sagittarius-November 22-December 20

As the Archer Shoots an Arrow into the air, so does Sagittarius harness the raw energy of Scorpio and direct it toward a goal Sagittarians are the zodiac’s explorers and teachers, its zealous advocates fighting to expand and preserve culture. Half man, half horse, the Sagittarian Centaur symbolizes the potential for unifying the animal and the spiritual components of humanity, bringing them into harmonious balance to create the complete individual.

Sagittarians try to create unity from duality. On the wheel of the zodiac, sagittarius is situated directly opposite Gemini, and the restless Archer shares certain characteristics with the restless Twins. Both are curious, fascinated by ideas, and enchanted by information. Both are adventurers hating all things routine or methodical. Both want to break parochial confines and be citizens of the world.

But as the Astrologer Dane Rudhyar once observed, ” Gemini has tolerance but no real understanding; whereas Sagittarius can have understanding even when he is most intolerant, ” Archers crave variety, whether in people, countries, or cultures. But even as they quest for experience, they are seldom satisfied with what they find.

For Sagittarius, the point in life is the voyage rather than the destination the search rather than the discovery, the outcome never seems to match the richness of the process. Still, Archers love to travel and explore, mentally as well as literally. Geminis are the flitting mental prestidigitators of the zodiac, but Sagittarians are the true philosophers. They are fascinated by systems of thought and ways of organizing information. They delight in the diversity of different cultures and disciplines – even when they view them, as they usually do, with a skeptical eye.

They are also the collage artists of the intellect; they can encompass many unrelated interests and neglect none of them. They are tireless in pursuing knowledge to its outermost boundaries and sometimes beyond Sagittarians are apt to be workaholics. They are the scientists who never leave the laboratory, the composers and writers who labor late into the night. They burn to know and to communicate what they know. But their work cannot be regimented by the artificial constraints of time clocks or bureaucratic routines. The centaur’s gait has its own unfettered rhythm.

Learining is Sagittarians’ passion; teaching is their gift. The curious Archers are reasearchers and investigators -amassing all sorts of information, sorting it, and reprocessing it to make it accessible to those less mentally gifted than themselves. Best of all, they are able to pass along not their knowledge, but their love of learning.

Denied actual travel, sagittarians are adept at taking rich inner journeys and at transmuting them into art. The mental traveler emerges as storyteller in the work of such independent, if reclusive, nineteenth-century writers as Sagittarians Emily Dickinson, Jane Austen, and Louisa May Alcott. Less-strictured Sagittarian men of the same and earlier eras turned their actual journeys into great literature.

Mark Twain, Joseph Conrad, Jonathan Swift, and Gustav Flaubert were all born under the Archer’s aegis. Perhaps the ultimate avatar of Sagittarius was poet artist William Blake. Indulging the Sagittarian love for working in more than one medium, Blake used words and paint in his fiery assault against all that would confine or limit the human mind.

But despite their questing spirits, Sagittarians lack the vast energy and untamed force of Scorpions. Archers are innovative,but not revolutionary. For all their restlessness, they have a deep-rooted regard for conventions and customs. They value respectability, prestige, security, and comfortable surroundings. They may travel far and wide, but they want a pleasant home awaiting their return.

Evolved sagittarians are serious, but also jovial – even, at times, a bit madcap. They are honest, reliable, and envitably imperturnable. Exuberant but seldom compulsive, Sagittarians are interesting and amiable companions and lovers. When they are able to overcome their tendency toward intolerance, sagittarians represent humankind’s greatest potential for harmony and balance.
Reference: Mysteries of the Unknown