Celtic Cross Spread-Positions and Meanings

How To Read The Celtic Cross Spread

This spread is very popular; it can simply and clearly assess a problem, what caused the problem, and what the outcome may be. It is limiting in that it does not provide information on how to change the outcome, The Celtic Cross spread can be a useful starting point. Once you’ve seen the snapshot of the situation, you can use the cards to gain more detail or an insight. There are many variations of this spread, but the one below is very common.

Celtic Cross Spread

(optional): The significator is considered optional by many readers. Check the above link for additional information.
This card represents you in relation to the question.
This card indicates the conflict.
This card here will illustrate the issues.
Here you will find significant influences from the past that shape the current problem.
The present forces affecting the situation.
Here are forces that will affect the outcome.
This card is your self-image, which may be different from the “you” in card two. Self-image does not always reflect the inner you.
This is how others see you in this situation.
Hopes and Fears
Here is the card illustrating either what you most hope for or most fear.
This card indicates the probable outcome, if all things remain as they are as they at the moment of the reading.

The Spreads

Reference:The Gilded Tarot Companion: Barbra Moore