Cancer / Rat – Personality Profile

Imagination – Avarice – Nervousness – Appeal – Insight – Irritability – Influence – Verbosity – Tenacity – Despondency – Acquisitiveness – Thrift – Affection – Possessiveness – Thirst For Power – Sociability – Caring – Moodiness – Intellectual Skill – Guile – Caution – Hypersensitivity – Charisma – Meddling.

” I feel ” Water, Moon Cardinal – ” I rule ” Positive Water Yin

Because he is born a Rat, the Cancer/Rat lives by his wits. But as he is also a moon child and hence to drown in his own emotions, this person wavers between extrinsic and intrinsic influences and behaviour. The Cancer/Rat, we say, is a “private” person. He likes to crawl into his cubbyhole in the tower where he studies life and writes about interior subjects.

But just when you think the Cancer/Rat has hidden away for good, will only venture out for the cold crust of bread and seems to be surviving on coffee and water up there in that tomblike turret, an invitation arrives at your door requesting the honor of your company at a huge reception complete with great groaning boards of food and gaiety and sociability to boot. who is your host or hostess but your favourite recluse, the Cancer/Rat.

Be he a writer or a carpenter, a musician or head nurse, this character will always be sure to have plenty of evidence of material wealth around him. objects d’art and antiques abound where the Cancer/Rat lives. Books crowd the shelves, first editions and comic books and the latest jazz reviews, everything counts – especially if it has words on it. Cancer/Rats adore the written word.

This subject is likely to favour a singular elegance in his dress habits. He wishes to stand above the fashionable crowd, to exhibit his individuality through his manner of dress. Even his coiffure will cry: “Me! Look at me! How different I can be!!” Cancer/Rats like society, but they need to stand apart from banality. They resist mediocrity in every choice they make, whether it be friends or lovers, houses or cars, trip or vacation spots. Not that Cancer/Rats go after the popular “best” or the trammeled idea of what is superior. Rather, they seek their own brand of excellence and once they have found it, adhere to it like super glue.

Charm is part of the Cancer/Rat’s panoply of qualities, too. I don’t mean that this character will sidle around trying to get cozy with you just for the fun of it. Yet, Cancer/Rats are aggressively appealing in spurts. They will invite you to a play or take you to lunch just to be agreeable and pleasant. But the Rat/Cancer charm is subtle too. It’s even a little off-putting. you are never quite sure if the cancer/Rat is going to smile or snap. You cannot tell whether he’s in pain or just looks that way and instead on the verge of a huge guffaw.

The charm of the Rat/Cancer is inscrutable. Like all rats, this cancer/rat is talkative. Unlike, say, an Aries or Leo/Rat, however, this Rat subject will enjoy talking about his feelings. “do you think he really likes me? Can you tell if I am getting the right vibes? I’m so sad, happy, miserable, pained, estatic, joyful, bored, annoyed…

If you like this character and want to have him as a friend, you must polish up all of your listening devices. Not only does this person restoke his furnaces in company that he knows how to assemble to this end, but he’ll drub your ears until they fall off in order to figure out vocally what his next step ought to be. There is no question about it, this person thinks on his feet. And remember, when you are at a cancer/rat party, you are on “The Cancer/ Rat Show.”

Creativity abounds in the people born under the signs of Cancer and rat. The obvious depth of the Cancer emotion coupled with the Rat’s tendency to ferret out information infuses this person with a natural talent for writing stories. Too, as the cancer/Rat possesses this excessive need to expound his feelings and rehash his emotions and ideas, writing books or poems or songs is the perfect therapy for him. Cancer/Rat is a private soul trapped in the body of a public personality.

A curiosity about justice and doing the “right thing” by others causes people born in Cancer/rat to expend a lot of energy in litigious activity. Not that Cancer/Rats grow suddenly furious and want to get revenge on enemies, but they feel that fair is fair in life and will go to the fore to help a friend in legal trouble or to sort out the truth in a complex dossier.

Reference: The New Astrology: Suzanne White