The Element of Water

The Flow of Life

Water is concerned with emotion and feeling. It symbolizes the ocean from which life is believed to have begun. The Water signs embody the concept of intuition – the process by which the world is perceived directly, by-passing rational or conscious thought.

Of all the Elements, Water is the most profound, and the most difficult to define. It seeps into areas of life that are inaccessible to the other Elements, which is why it is associated with subconscious emotional forces.
Those born under these signs are generally highly sensitive, and either wear their emotions on their sleeves or try to hide them from view.

Their subtle attunement to their surroundings means that they often have a nebulous sense of self, leaving them unable to distinguish between their own and others’ feelings.

On the positive side, Water types are protective, nurturing and compassionate, with a fine understanding of the emotional currents to which we are all prey.

But raw exposure to emotionally charged atmospheres makes them defensive. As a result, the need for privacy, to shut out the excesses of the outside world, is usually very marked.

People with a surfeit of planets in water signs often feel emotionally ‘all at sea’. The harsh realities of human existence can at times overwhelm them, and they tend to over-dramatize their emotions.

Unless they find an outlet for their extremely sensitive natures, they can become self-absorbed and fearful of what life holds in store. They may seek to escape from the rough-and-tumble of the outer world through a life of solitude, drinks or drugs.

A lack of planets in water indicates people who are cut off from their feelings,dismissing their value altogether. They are also likely to show little sympathy for others’ emotional needs. To the outer eye they may appear self-contained, but this usually masks inner feelings of emptiness. Ironically, these types often look to emotionally ‘rich’ partners or friends to fill the world.

Reference: The Instant Astrologer:Felix Lyle and Bryan Aspland