The Chinese Calendar

There are tremendous differences between the Western system and the Chinese; the latter is based upon duality, that is the principle of Yang and Yin. The constellations used are different too, not only in the name but in the way in which the stars are seen to be grouped: they are also of varying lengths. In fact, the Chinese do not use the zodiac as we do but base their calculations on the Pole Star.

Instead of using 12 houses , they use 28 Lunar mansions, all of which have very definite meanings, though lack of space prevents full discussion pf these here. However, in some ways the Chinese system of animal rulers replaces our Sun signs although these do not equate exactly.

The Chinese calendar is based on Lunar months and their new year will therefore begin on a different date each year; similarly, the Lunar months do not coincide exactly with our ‘fixed’ calendrical system.

Reference: Predicting Your Future: Selene