Astrology Interpretive reports-2

Past Life Reports

A past life report is written from an esoteric point of view, with an emphasis on the soul’s intentions and lessons to be learned in this lifetime. Whether you believe in past lives or not, these reports can help illuminate deep inner drives and inclinations,. There are three reports to choose from this category.

Compatibility Reports

A compatibility report describes the issues that arise in the relationship between 2 people. The strong points and potential problem areas are described. Each report has its own unique way of interpreting astrological influences, ad each report uses different methods to determine the most important themes in the relationship. There are 6 reports to choose from.

compatibility Report- Psyche & Eros-C&C Marriage & Romance-C&C Business/Friends-Heaven sent-Composite Report-Star*mate-Cosmo compatibility.

Forecast Reports

Cosmic Forecast- Advanced Forecast-Basic Forecast-Poppe Forecast-Astro Journey-Destiny & Decisions-Mini-Minder Forecast-Portuguese Forecast-Love & Romance-Karmic Forecast-Solar Return-Business Forecast-Secondary Progressed-Many Happy Returns-13 Moons Lunar Return-Lunar Return-Planets in Solar System-Astroquest Horary-Monthly Fitness & Lifestyle Guide-Starlight Solutions Forecast.

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