Predicting Your Future

Predicting Your Future

The ultimate self-analysis guide that reveals your hidden personality and Future.

Some forms of predicting life patterns for the future have changed little from how they were practised centuries ago; others fully take advantage of twentieth century knowledge and modern technology.

When we strip away the Myths and Legends and Places emphasis on methods of divining information using means of prediction which are relevant to life as it lived now, in the Millennium.

Simple step-by-step guidelines provide you with all the skills necessary for you to find out more about your own personality and to foresee future possibilities.

Western Astrology – Oriental Astrology – Biorhythms – Cards – Dice & Domino Dowsing – Geomancy – Graphology – I-Ching – Numerology – Palmistry – Runes – Scrying -Selenomancy – Sortilege -Tealeaves – The Mantric Arts

The Astrodata team members are especially keen to encourage those people whose budding interest in such subjects is yet to be fulfilled and, to this end, has devised several method of divination and prophecy, which are contained in this Blog.

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