Pisces / Rat

Pisces / Rat
Understanding – Diffidence – Appeal – Perception – Lack of Will – Influence – Verbosity – Creativity – Fearfulness – Acquisitiveness – Thrift – Compatability – Smugness – Thirst for Power – Sociability – Awarness – Rage – Intellectual Skill – Guile – Spirituality – Indecision – Charisma – Meddling

” I believe ” Water, Jupiter, Mutable

“I Rule” Positive Water, Yin

This incisive character, a wizard by combination of receptivity and offense, serves best as half of the team. If there is one person who can play the game in hand with a partner and win almost every time, due to the very energy created by partnership, it’s the Pisces/Rat.

Neither Pisces nor Rat characters are usually hermits. The Pisces, extrasensitive and watery, when allied to the power-hungry Rat gains a certain perspective on the finite that assures him an exceptional ability to make wise choices.
For the basically indesisive Pisces, the addition of Rat will to his character helps him to set goals and adhere to limits.

Pisces/Rats are dependent. They don’t operate alone. For the most part they form the other half of a couple where there assume a role as “better half” or ” good cop” or “spokesman” or “whip”. Pisces/Rat doesn’t want the whole pie. Nor does he want the responsibility that goes with administering or engineering enterprises on his own.

Pisces/Rat is a born sidekick. He or she will be caring and nurturing of the chosen partner. Pisces/Rat will be fatihful to his other half’s ideals, and never openly deride him or her. Pisces/Rat may appear to follow the leader half of his duo but in fact he may very well be the secret ringleader himself. In private, the Pisces/Rat confides his doubts and warnings to his closest associate, serves as a counselor and sage. But in public, Pisces/Rat takes a back-row seat and surrenders the stage to his leader.

Pisces/Rats are sharp-tongued. They never defend, but always jump quickly to offend before they are attacked. These people affect snobbishness and seem status-conscious. But behind an air of self-importance and near haughtiness, the Pisces/Rat is a softie. If you look in her/his hidden, most cupboards you would be likely to find stacks of old teddy bears and sweet little dogeared books of maudlin poetry. The Pisces epidermal sensitivity is not annihilated by the Rat’s aggression, but it can easily be camouflaged in subjects born under hese two signs.

Pisces/Rats tend to be jealous of fortunes of those more basically daring and brash themselves. They attempt to justify their envy of those they dislike by denigrating their talents or questionig their morality. Pisces/Rats are a shade self-righteous and won;t hesitate to take an attitude of holier then thou in order to quell the enthusiasm of someone they feel is a potential threat.

They need not, of course, waste time on such drivel, as they themselves are supremely talented and often, if given the opportunity, ecel at arts and letters, musical careers or business.

The major talent of this attractive and trenc hant person is or her ability to madapt to the demands of any human situation that presents itself. Pisces/Rats skitter about from circumstance to circumstance without flinching or showing their hands. They are skillful and devoted, thrifty and aware. The Pisces/Rat’s perception makes him or her an invaluable asset to stodiger and pushy yet less sensitve people. Pisces/Rat wants power for the group, success for the community, advancement for the team.

Sometimes if they are particularly lucky, a Pisces/rat falls in love with his chosen partner or teammate, marries her, and lives happily ever after as the towering sidekick. But many times it doesn’t happen this way, and Pisces/Rat must choose his or her leader from platonic sources. Love, then, becomes but a cozy place to go home to from the real relationship, which is where Pisces/Rat assists and advises.

As these people suffer from hypersensitivity and nervousness, they prefer lovers or mistresses of calm and collected natures. Should you fall for one of these hugely perceptive hired guns, I suspect you will find them both amenable and indispensable to your own advancement. Ply them with common sense. Seduce them by taking them into your confidence and exposing your vulnerable side. Pises/Rat falls flat for a strong person with a sentimental streak. Don’t be afraid to lay it on thick.Pisces/Rat loves drama.

You’ll get on with Oxen and Dragons like a house on fire. But you must try to pick your ox or dragon partner from out of available Taurus, Cancer, Scorpion and Capticorn subjects. You can also expect great meoments from Scorpio/Monkeys and their Capricorn counterparts. On the other hand, you may expect nothing (if not less) from Gemini, Virgo or Sagittarius/Horses.

Home and Family

The household of Pisces/Rat will revolve around the couple who lives there. The Pisces/Rat will defer to his partner’s tastes and be satisfies to decorate his own room or office in a cluttered style, pleasing to himself. If the team in question exists only outside the household, the Pisces/Rat may be counted on to live alone in a cosy, rather offbeat decor.

The vector here is always the best interest of the Pisces/Rat’s relationship. If the group needs a new carpet, we will get us a new carpet, and so on.

Now as a parent this person will certainly be co,petent. Pisces/Rats are very responsible and reliabale people. They have a quick sense of humorand will enjoy playing with kids and making them giggle.

But this person also has much to interest him or her other than the child, and will often be forced to relegate the child’s day-to-day care to someone more drudgery-oriented. After all, if Sancho Panza stops to burb the baby, who will look after Don Quixote?

The Pisces/Rat child will no doubt astonish by his mature perceptions and his incisive and appropriate wit. He may be long in coming to what he wants to do later in life. He wants to stay a child as long as possible, as he depeends more easily than he “independs.” Of course, all Pisces/ children are artistic and want lessons in their area of talent.

Be patient with this sensitive kid. Don’t push him out of the nest too soon.

Reference: The New Astrology: A Unique Synthesis of The World’s Two Great Astrological Systems:The Chinese And Western-Suzanne White.