The Five Elements

The five elements are the equivalent of the five seasons used by the Chinese.

WOOD is the beginning, the season of creation, and equates with the planet Jupiter;

FIRE relates to heat and Mars;

EARTH is the mid-point of the year and is comparable to Saturn;

METAL is the harvest and Venus;

WATER feeds the growth that will come from WOOD and has affinity with Mercury.

Thus it can be seen that as well as recognising five elements, the Chinese use five of the planets used in Western astrology. The Sun and the Moon have special significance in their charts too, for these represent Yang and Yin respectively.

It is fascinating to learn that astrology is also incorporated into big business. Each concern, including major banks whose names are household words in the West, will not even erect a building without paying a vast sum of money to an astrologer in order to ensure that all the doors, windows and walls are aligned to the correct pattern for success; one bank opened its new branch on 8/8/88 as this was considered to be a very auspicious date.

Obviously, Chinese astrology is much more comprehensive than can be outlined in such a brief introduction to a vast subject. However, if you consult the following pages you may glean some idea of what it means to be born in a particular animal year; this meaning can be blended with that of your hour of birth and, possibly the month too.

You will learn which other animal personalities you are most likely to be compatible with but must use your own knowledge and intuition too in this respect. Keep it in mind that, as with any other form of divination, there is always very much more to be learned and understood.

Reference: Predicting Your Future: Selene