Rat-Chinese Astrology-Occidental and Oriental

Courage-Naivete-nervousness-Appeal-Drive-Ostentation, Influene,Verbosity-Heartiness-Willfulness.
Aquarius - Rat
Vision, Eccentricity,Nervousness,Appeal. Originaity, Influence.
Imagination, Avrice,Appeal,Affection,Influence.
Capricorn - Rat
"I Use" Earth,Saturn, Cardinal
Gemini - Rat
" I Think"
Libra -Rat
"I Balance"
Leo - Rat
"I Will" Fire, Sun Fixed
Pisces -Rat
" I believe " Water, Jupiter, Mutable
Scorpio -Rat
" I create" Water, Mars, Fixed
Sagittarius -=Rat
"I see" Fire, Jupiter, Mutable
Taurus - Rat
Virgo - Rat
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Vedic Astrology
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